YouTube + Google = YouTube Adsense!

What does Fred Figglehorn, Val's Art Gallery and a battle between a pride of lions and a herd of buffalo have in common? They are videographers and their subsequent YouTube productions that have produced thousands of revenue dollars  as a result  of them going viral and enduring interest over time by attracting millions of YouTube visitors.

While YouTube extended these individual video partnerships to a select number of folks who were capable of drawing in the big numbers, on August 25, YouTube's blog indicated that the popular video posting site had decided to "spread the wealth" to a larger audience. Now according to product manager, Shenaz Zack, "when you upload a video to YouTube that accumulates lots of views, we may invite you to monetize that video and start earning revenue from it. To determine whether a particular video is eligible for monetization, we look at factors like the number of views, the video's virality and compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service."

"If your video is eligible for monetization, you will receive an email and see an 'Enable Revenue Sharing' message next to your video on the watch page...once you've chosen to enable revenue sharing, YouTube will sell advertising against your video and pay you a revenue share into your Google AdSense account each month. If you don't have an AdSense account, you'll have the opportunity to create one," noted Zack.

To see if you might be eligible to become a partner, this instructional video will provide you with some insight as to what parameters YouTube will be requiring.

To see an example of what type of video YouTube is looking for, the infamous Battle of the Kruger which pits the said pride of lions against the herd of buffalo has attracted a record 45 million page views!

So all you would-be directors, crank up those camcorders and start building a following. For anybody who is currently collecting Google Adsense dollars from your blog postings, there is a whole helluva lot more money to be made attracting viewers to your videos. Where a popular blog might attract 30,000 readers, a video on the same topic could attract 3 million or more, depending on when and if it goes viral! Sounds like a business opportunity to me!