Social Media Giant Youtube Passes 1 Billion Subscriptions

Youtube is the number one resource for videos.

And today, they officially hit 1 billion subscriptions. If you go to the Youtube website you'll notice the logo shows off their accomplishment. This means that out of all the video channels on Youtube,  there have been 1 billion subscriptions from registered users. On average, that's 200 million channels being subscribed to each year since Youtube was founded in 2005. 

Youtube's 'subscribe' button is a lot like the 'Like' button on Facebook or the 'Follow' button on Twitter. By subscribing to a certain channel or user, you receive all of their new videos in your own personalized video stream on your homepage. 

To encourage more subscriptions YouTube is releasing a subscribe widget for blogs and websites, so you can share your favorite videos even easier. 

Youtube is a major force in the social media scene and showing no signs of slowing down. With Google in charge of the largest video database on the web, it only makes sense that they would come out with their own Google TV. Where do you think YouTube will go next?



Oct 29, 2010
by Anonymous


youtube is the best cure for boredom.. hands down

Oct 29, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue


I wouldn't mind being able to watch the internet on my tv either

Oct 29, 2010
by Anonymous

google tv

have u tried it ?