Yummy Dough Lets Kids Have Their Modelling Fun And Eat It Too


So we all remember that kid in preschool, the one who had to taste every craft (and sometimes non-craft) item that was available.  Well, if you don’t remember sitting next to that kid then maybe that kid was you and all of that paste and modelling clay has gone to your brain.  Anyways, one item that was always safe to eat was the modelling dough.  Just because it was safe though, does not mean that it was tasty.  Yes, okay I did taste the dough and it was salty and disgusting.



These days kids have a choice.  There is now an alternative to the offensive tasting dough.  Knowing that kids are going to try eating it no matter what, Yummy Dough was created.  It comes in four bright colors – red, green, yellow and blue and arrives in dry form to be mixed with water when you are ready to use it.  Apparently you can even bake up your creations when you are finished molding them and then eat them like a cookie.  Of course, the Yummy Dough is said to be equally scrumptious if consumed in its raw state.  Also, if you choose not to bake your dough you can always wrap it up in plastic wrap to use again another day.



I am guessing that this dough may cause a few adults to relive some preschool memories.

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