Yummy For Your Dog, Funny For You: 'My Dog Ate It' Dog Treats


Maybe your dog never actually ate your homework, but I bet she ate a bunch of other things, especially as a puppy.  Chair legs and woodwork are favorites for the pups; as they get older, they may turn to smaller items they find around the house; pens, pencils, your custom-made mouth retainer... stuff.  Dedicated to all those things your dog ate and to all the dogs who ate them, or would like to have eaten them, comes "My Dog Ate It" dog treats, inspired by... who else? 


My Dog Ate It pet treats: image via mydogateitpettreats.comMy Dog Ate It pet treats: image via mydogateitpettreats.com


My Dog At It dog cookies: image via mydogateitpettreats.comMy Dog At It dog cookies: image via mydogateitpettreats.comThe cookie ingredients are comparable to many commercial dog treats; they contain wheat and a variety of beef, chicken, and turkey derivatives, plus preservatives and colorings. The treats are made in the U.S. and all ingredients are sourced here, as well. No, your dog is not meant to eat the labels on the treats, but just in case, the labels are made with PCF process chlorine-free paper and non-toxic, vegetable-based inks.

Everything your dog could ever dream of eating is printed on the fortune-cookie-like cookie wrappers. Well, almost everything.  There's about 50 different 'dog ate it' labels, like "The Delivery Guy," "The Christmas Lights," "Tonight's Desert..."  (Yes, my own dog did happen to eat the pumpkin pie I made last Thanksgiving.)  But you are invited to submit your own 'dog ate it' items and, if adopted as a cookie wrap, you'll get a bag of My Dog Ate It pet treats for free.

In the meantime, put My Dog Ate It pet treats on your Christmas list as gifts for your dog's playmates and their owners!


Source: My Dog Ate it via ChicagoNow.com