Zeal Ski Goggles Get High Tech

If ski goggles with a built-in video camera aren't quite techy enough to drag you onto the slopes, the Zeal Transcend goggles should be. Zeal has partnered with Recon Instruments to bring what it calls the "world's first direct-to-eye communications display in a snow goggle", courtesy of Recon's Head Mounted Display.

Now, what the hell does that mean? The new system integrates a GPS system directly into the ski goggles where information will be visible on the goggles themselves. That sounds pretty dangerous, but according to Zeal, the "sleek graphics are completely non-obtrusive for front and peripheral vision". That may be, but if you're paying attention to your little GPS display and not to the terrain in front of you, these could go awry in a hurry. A cell phone is pretty unobtrusive to your vision too--until you stare at the pressing text message you just got and take your eyes off the car in front of you. 


Despite their possible safety implications, the Transcend goggles are a unique, interesting new type of product. The display provides real-time performance indicators like speed and alitude. It also provides time and temperature. Presumably, there will be some form of navigation, as the original concept created by Recon Instruments included resort maps and navigating capabilities. Software will also be available, allowing users to track and share their performance data.

The Zeal Transcend goggles will be available for next ski season. Sales will commence in the fall and the goggles will retail for $350 to $450. They are helmet-compatible and available in two lens types: SPPX Polar & Photochromic and SPX Polarized. 

UPDATE: The Zeal Optics GPS Goggles are now available at Amazon here and  at other retailers.

Via: Uncooped and Zeal 

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