Zehui Women's Tattoo Leggings Provide A Daring Body Art Look Without The Commitment

Tattoos aren't for everyone as they require a big commitment. What you Moustache TightsMoustache Tightsthink you want on your body today may not seem like such a good idea in another decade or two. Plus there's also that whole pain factor, and if even pulling up your big girl/boy pants doesn't make you brave enough, then no matter how much you like the look of tattoos, you'll be out of luck.

Many companies have recognized that this is a very real problem that requires a solution. Since painless permanent tattoo strategies just don't seem to exist, they've opted for wearable tattoo options that provide the desired look. 

Zehui Women's Tattoo Transparent Leggings are a cool twist on an old trend. Tattoos and leggings have always been a good match - many women with prominent tattoos use solid leggings or stockings to cover them when attending a formal event in a dress or skirt. But that eliminates the fun of self-expression. The tattoo leggings by Zehui accomplish the exact opposite, and their designs provide a much bolder look and go all out.

Star TightsStar Tights

Some of the tattoo pantyhose feature a multitude of tattoos - more than many body art enthusiasts would choose for their legs. The Playing Card tights feature symbols all over the garment and would be perfect apparel to pair with a fun dress for a night of good luck at the casino. The Mustache Tights are fun, and play into one of the latest trends, and also have a very bold design.

Fairy TightsFairy Tights

 Other options, like the Fairy Stockings are a bit subtler, but they certainly aren't lacking in whimsy. If those designs aren't appealing, other stockings feature quotes, stars, heart balloons and more.

The tights themselves are discreet enough that no one will assume that the body art is a sham. In fact, teenagers looking to get their parents' heart rates up after being denied a tattoo or piercing, would be well-served to pick up one of the more dramatic pairs. 









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