Zen Float Tent: In Home Sensory Deprivation

Zen Float TentZen Float Tent

Maintaining health and wellness is about balance. Of course you need your exercise and fitness, but you also need recovery and relaxation. One proven relaxation method is sensory deprivation. Typically, you have to visit a location with isolation tanks to experience sensory deprivation. Or, you could have your own isolation tank--the in home Zen Float Tent. 

The term sensory deprivation may not sound relaxing, but removing environmental stimuli for short periods of time, is conducive to meditation and allows you to reach deep states of relaxation. You can deliberately cut off one or more of your senses with things like blindfolds, earmuffs, hoods, gloves or more complex devices like isolation tanks. After your sensory deprivation session, you return to your normal, stimulated world rejuvenated, with a lighter stress load. 

In Home Isolation TankIn Home Isolation Tank

The Zen Float Tank eliminates sight, touch and sound via a tent and 10" of water heated to body temperature and infused with epsom salt. The tent eliminates sight, and the water, wich covers your ears eliminates touch and most sounds (you'll be able to hear your own breathing and heartbeat, which is relaxing in itself). When you settle in this environment, you'll feel relaxed and at peace. 

Access to isolation tanks is generally limited to sessions at spas and health centers. There are companies that sell tanks for in home use, but those tanks are very costly. The Zen Float Tank was designed specifically for in home use and is much more affordable at $1700. For more information on the Zen Float Tank and buying options, you can check out the Zen Float Co site