Zen And The Shadow Art Of The Riddled Table

When a table and the light that passes through its glass top and sculpted stands creates such "rippled" shadows as those from the Rippled Table, it cries out for its own special room, a meditation room.

It would be a dark room, even during daylight, and whatever light there was would come from a single source, a skylight or spotlight. Just one person at a time would enter, sit on a straight-back chair, above the level of the Rippled Table, and explore the infinite intricacies of the shadows formed by the Rippled Table niches and its light.





Was meditation what American architect Stephen Holl had in mind when he created the Rippled Table? Perhaps. He is especially known for blending and bending light with the details of his architectural design but his architectural works are also admired for their spiritual qualities.

Look at the difference in effects, now that the Rippled Table is shown in full photographic lighting.



And again, photographed at an angle...



Don't you feel less like meditating?


The Riddle Table is made by Horm, an Italian modern design company which uses natural woods as the base for its furniture designs. The Riddle Table stands are made from walnut wood veneer and aluminum.

source: Horm via 3Rings.