Zendome: Unique Structure For Your Yard Or Weekend Getaway Spot


Able to enclose spaces ranging from 20 to 1,000 square meters, the Zendome geodesic domes were designed for commercial use--information stands, pop-up stores, etc--however, their unique design can be utilized to accent your home's yard space or provide a shelter with a great view at your favorite getaway.

The larger of the Zendomes are ideal for temporary shelters at festivals or outdoor events. They can even be used to keep athletes and spectators out of the elements, as a golf shelter or a soccer dome. 

Zendome Geodesic DomeZendome Geodesic Dome

The smaller of the Zendomes are ideal for a place to get out of the sun by the pool or lake or a shelter in your next "glamping" expedition, where modern style mixes with nature. Stylishly modern or not, the Zendome is a great outdoor shelter. It's panorama window provides campers and outdoor enthusiasts with a great view, and it's structure is strong enough to hold a little over 2,000 pounds, so you could suspend a couple of swings for the kids or a ceiling fan for hot days. 

You can find more information on the Zendome, Zendome concepts and other Zen structures, like the Zencube, as well as how to order, on the Zendome website.