Zero Energy Vaxxwagon For Delivering Vaccines Invented By Boy

 Vaccinations help save lives: Anarudh Ganesan designed a device for the proper storage and delivery of vaccinesVaccinations help save lives: Anarudh Ganesan designed a device for the proper storage and delivery of vaccines


Here we go again: another ingenious teen has come up with an eco-friendly invention for improving the lives of others. This one's in the form of a pedal-powered wagon designed for the purpose of delivering life-saving vaccines to those in need. The inventor behind the invention is Anurudh Ganesan, a 15-year-old of Indian descent, who calls his contraption the “Vaxxwagon.” It can take a tremendous amount of effort to deliver vaccines to people in areas of the world where hospitals and refrigeration are not as common as here in the U.S. The thing about vaccines is they lose their efficiency if they are not stored at consistently cool temperatures. But Ganesan has found a way around that, so much so that his simple yet effective project recently earned him the Lego Education Builder award at the 2015 Google Science Fair.


Vaccinations are necessary for keeping certain diseases in check. Without them, we'd have epidemics that could quickly turn into pandemics, due to our ability to travel at will and cover thousands of miles within hours via airline travel. On a basic level, the Vaxxwagon is a small refrigeration unit that relies on vapor compression. Ganesan refers to it as a “No Ice, No Electric” transportation system because it's capable of maintaining consistent temperatures for hours while being pulled by people or livestock. The ambitious young man created the system to be self-powered by energy generated by the very wheels the unit is mounted on. The device was first tested on an ordinary treadmill and later with a bicycle. In both cases, Ganesan says it demonstrated the ability to maintain 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens to be the ideal storage temperature range for most vaccines.


The Vaxxwagon: Invented by Anarudh GanesanThe Vaxxwagon: Invented by Anarudh Ganesan


The Great Vaccine Debate

While in industrialized countries people tend to debate the usefulness and safety of vaccinations, in the developing world people are just grateful to have them. Like many inventors, Anurudh Ganesan was inspired by personal experience. It seems as an infant his grandparents had to carry him for 10 miles in order to get him vaccinated, only to discover the desired vaccinations had turned and become useless due to exposure to heat. It's unclear when or if Ganesan was able to get the vaccines his family sought for him, but many people are not in a position to make multiple journeys in search of them. That's why it's so important for medical workers to be able to transport vaccines in a temperature-controlled environment in order for them to remain effective. If they're toast by the time they reach their intended destination, the whole thing was for not. This wastes time and endangers lives.

Kid Inventors

Ganesan joins a growing list of kid inventors that have been taking the world by storm lately with their amazing inventions and their desire to be a part of the solution in life and not part of the problem. This is great news and helps diminish the image so many people have of apathetic teens and twenty-somethings that would rather play with video games and sponge off their parents than doing something useful with their lives. While not everyone has to go on to be a rocket scientist in life, it's nice to know there are so many inspired kids out there in the world wanting to make a difference.

Source: Google Science Fair