ZERO Cellphone Case Gives Old Tire Tubes the Green Light

The just-released ZERO cellphone case made from recycled tire tubes shows Japan's new generation is beginning to become environmentally aware. What better way to get consumers to think green then by giving them a product that looks cool?

Japan has somewhat of a schizophrenic image when it comes to environmental initiative – the Kyoto Accord notwithstanding. Tales of over-packaged consumer goods, over-fished tuna stocks and over-hunted whales smear the image of a nation that actually has done quite a good job of protecting its own amazing natural beauty while forcing city-dwellers into a complex waste recycling program.

It's Japan's youth who really need to be convinced that going green is more then a fashion statement. To that end, the new line of ZERO cellphone cases, straps and cleaners is a bold step towards going beyond what's merely trendy.

The smart-looking cases are crafted from used tire tubes, many of which still sport lettering such as “Yokohama” from their previous lives rolling along Japanese highways and byways. Each ZERO product is unique in appearance since they're not stamped out in some huge, carbon-spewing factory.

The cases, straps and cleaners all feature 7 different splashes of bright color to suit your personal style. The case has an inside pocket and attaches with either a belt loop or a stylish carabiner clip in polished chrome.

All recycled ZERO products share the toughness and water resistance that served them so well as tire tubes. Pricing is 2,625 yen (about $25) for a cellphone case, 1,260 yen (about $12) for a carrying strap and  893 yen (about $8.50) for the cellphone cleaners.

Feb 6, 2009
by Anonymous

New holder is smart

Tire waste can provide many products with the basic raw material to make the products we need. Hopefully, we will find new ways to use this waste.