Zero-G Remote Controlled Car Tracks Laser Beam

The Air Hogs label from Spinmaster is generally known for high-quality flying toys.  I'll even throw their hovercraft into the mix as it technically does fly... just veeeeeery low.

A while back they introduced a unique twist on the standard R/C vehicle: The Zero Gravity Remote Controlled Car.

My first thought was, "Holy crap!"

My second thought was, "I want one!"

My third thought was, "How does that work?"

My mind ran through such ideas as magnetics, super-sticky wheels, some sort of paranormal device that stole our mental strength sort of like a brain vampire...  Which led me to the word "suck."

The tiniest vacuum cleaner ever.The tiniest vacuum cleaner ever.

Suck indeed!  The car has a tiny little vacuum that pulls it toward the wall!  I'm gonna send some mad props over to RC Mania for the image above and strongly recommend you check out their review of the Zero Gravity Micro car if you are into this kind of stuff.

The reason I mention all of the above is that Spinmaster has put a twist on their twist.  Now the tiny car can follow a laser beam across the wall or ceiling. Introducing  the The Zero Gravity Laser .

Picture having a cat or dog that can defy gravity.  Then picture waving around a laser pointer and having the cat or dog run amok after it.  That's what this looks like.

All of this is controlled with a spiffy looking laser gun that (marketing people, take note) looks like a "Z."  LaZer.  Yeah, baby.

 Okay, so maybe it sort'a looks more like a "S."  But "S" is all curvy, while "Z" has some ass-kicking razor sharpness to it.  You know I'm right.

This little car gun comes with a car, an obstacle course, and a built in charger.  And these things look cool in the dark.  My cat would freak out.

I couldn't pull video for this, so you'll have to sort'a use your imagination.  Or you can head over to the official site for The Zero Gravity Laser and check out the embedded video.  It's pretty cool.  It's available on Amazon here.


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Oct 21, 2009
by John P. Barker
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It's up there in cool for me as well...  check out the article I did on the monocopter... there's an Air Hogs thing in there that is pretty cool...