One Incredibly Awesome Fireplace: The EcoSmart Zeta

There is nothing modest about EcoSmart's new Zeta portable fireplace. It's bold and eloquent, perfectly formed, and finely crafted in timber, leather, and stainless steel.  Yes, the exterior is leather!

The Australian design house for everything modern that energy saving, EcoSmart-designed portable fireplaces are recognizable by their sleek, stainless appeal; cold, shiny, steel houses harboring fire and heat. They're ultra-modern and elegantly styled. The Zeta, designed by architect John Dimopoulos, is a warmer, more open, more inviting design. It's a truly unique combination of form and function, a perfect elliptically-shaped housing for the most delicate of fires.  But the Zeta's yawning mouth reflects the fire from its steel and glass surrounds creating delightful and multiple reflections.

Here the Zeta is photographed in the EcoSmart showroom; you can imagine the incomparable impression this would make in a living room or gallery space.





The fire runs on denatured ethanol, or (undrinkable) alcohol, an easily renewable energy source, and the fireplace is virtually maintenance free.  You can regulate the size of the flame and turn it on and off without having any direct contact with the fire. And, because of the energy saving features of the EcoSmart fireplaces, you may even be eligible for a tax rebate in the U.S.!





Learn more about the Zeta and find a local retailer at the EcoSmart website.Or you can also order it from Amazon.

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