The ZHIP Stand Is A Great Accessory For The Bored Gym-Goer

ZHIP StandZHIP Stand

If you're anything like me, you get bored with cardio machines. And sometimes your gym may have its televisions set on something even more boring. In those cases, you whip out the smart phone and play something entertaining. The only problem is you don't have any place to put the phone, so you have to hold on to it...that is, unless you have a ZHIP Stand.

The ZHIP Stand makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the bored gym-goer, parent of the bored kid or the multitasking traveler. When folded, it can fit into your pocket, so you can bring it anywhere, and with three feet of retractable zip cord, you can hang it just about anywhere you bring it. 

Use ZHIP At The GymUse ZHIP At The Gym

If you're an active parent, you can utilize the ZHIP Stand as well. Just hook it onto the back of the kid's stroller and take off for your evening run. Hang it in the kitchen while you're cooking dinner, or keep the kids entertained while riding in the car and strap it on to the back of your seat. Take it with you on business trips and hang it in your hotel gym while you keep up your fitness routine, or strap it onto the plane seat, so you're not bored to tears during your 5 hour flight. 

ZHIP Stand On A PlaneZHIP Stand On A Plane

The ZHIP Stand is one of those products you don't absolutely need, but won't want to part with once you have it. That's what makes it a truly great stocking stuffer. It's not one of those random chia pets you lose interest in or mini water guns that breaks. 

The best part about the ZHIP Stand is that you can get one for about $20. Actually right now, you can go on Amazon and get it at a reduced $8. At that price, why not get one for everyone in the family. 

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