The Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle Provides Innovation and Peace of Mind

The Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle was one of 10 winners of 130 entered in the 2008 JPMA Innovation Awards Competition. It is the first family transportation system powered by Mom or Dad. One or two children can be placed in the ChildPod.  The LeaderLink System can be disassembled in 30 seconds or less, transforming it into the separate elements, Zigo ChildPod and Zigo Cycle. The ChildPod can be converted into a Jogger with the Jogger Kit or a traditional bicycle trailer using the Trailer Kit.

It seems like a simple and obvious concept that should have been developed previously.  With the kids in front, parents don't have to try to ride safely while checking in the back to make sure the kids are ok.  With the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle, the kids are in plain sight. Zigo, Inc.'s first product, the Zigo Leader has been available for purchase in retail stores since August of 2008 as well as being available for purchase online.

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