Zildijan Introduces All-Black Cymbals

When you really think about it, it can be awfully tough to create a unique and creative cymbal for a drum set. The main reason why is because everyone’s cymbals are usually the same colour. But that’s changed now since the release of Zildijan’s new line.

Source: Harmony Central

Adding more flair to the drum set, Zildijan has recently announced the arrival of its first-ever colour-coated cymbals. The Pitch Black cymbals are available in a full range of sizes and are designed specifically for rock and metal drummers. They’re made from the company’s high-performance Bronze 12 Alloy and despite being colour-coated, they still deliver a great sound.

The following are the different models featured in the series:

- 22-inch Ride.

- 20-inch Crash Ride.

- 18 and 16-inch Crashes.

- 13-inch Splash.

- 15-inch Mastersound HiHats.

- 14-inch HiHats.

- 18-inch China.

The Pitch Black cymbals definitely look glossy and intriguing, but how will they fare in an actual concert setting? Its usually dark when musicians play (aside from lighting and other effects) so will drummers be able to cope with the new colour? It’ll be interesting to see how famous musicians react to this line as well as the future colour-coated cymbals that are just around the corner.