Zillow.com Brings A New Trend To Real Estate With User Interactive Website

  Zillow.com is an interactive Real Estate Industry resource that helps people get the most out of their home investment once they're ready to sell. Prospective sellers can post their homes with a Make Me Move price, which with no obligation to put their house on the market, allows them to assess if they can get the price that would make selling worthwhile.





Users begin the process with Zillow by filling out the Zestimate criteria, which evaluates approximately what your home is worth based on the information provided. Once all information has been received and process, Zillow builds a page for each home, lists what it's worth and includes information related to taxes and other relevant fees.













From there, other registered site users can browse through the listings and send confidential emails to the home owners letting them know what they would pay for the home and provide other feedback on things they would look for as a buyer. With this information, prospective sellers can determine whether or not putting their home up for sale will draw the desired profits and decide whether to continue in the market.

Zillow also offers various live tools relating to mortgage costs, and a directory of lenders; so information is readily at hand for buyers. For sellers, there is a directory of real estate professionals, so when it's time to sell, they don't have to look far to get the process moving along. The interactive satellite maps with home listings and industry resources by region are another nice touch.












While Zillow.com may appear to look like a typical real estate site, they stand out from the competition by offering more than a "read only format" through user participation; which may provide buyers and sellers alike with the best insight into the market.

Industry benefits aside, how can you not respect a company that makes up its own terms that are alliterations to their company name?

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