Zipadee-Zip Keeps Baby Sleeping Through The Swaddle Transition

If you have a baby who slept through the night at a very early age, napped well, and didn’t throw a fit the moment you left the room, congratulations, you have a unicorn. Most parents don’t get such a rare creature. For the rest of us, we need a little guidance and help to get our babies to sleep. One of the tried-and-true methods is swaddling. Swaddling worked for my kids until they got a little older and figured out how to wiggle their way out of all of my attempts. Then they woke themselves up with those cute, uncontrollable motions and startle reflexes. I wish I had known about Zipadee-Zip, the answer to this swaddle problem.

The phrase “sleep like a baby” takes on a whole new meaning when you actually have a baby. Babies don’t usually sleep soundly for long chunks of time. At least not when you want them to and sometimes not until they are well on their way to their first birthday. Swaddling gives your baby the womb-like sensation she craves and gives her the security to relax. And sleep.

The creator or Zipadee-Zip, Stephanie Parker, knew the importance of a sleeping baby—for her sanity and her baby’s happiness. When Parker’s daughter started to outgrow all swaddling efforts, there wasn’t a lot of sleeping in their house. Mostly out of desperation, Parker sewed her first Zipadee-Zip and order was restored.

A Zipadee-Zip, or Zippy, is similar to a sleep sack, but the shortened and enclosed sleeves keep your baby in an environment similar to a swaddle. Your baby has more freedom to move than in a swaddle but much less room to flail about and wake herself as if not swaddled at all.

The Sleeping Baby brand was formed and Stephanie and her husband Brett were inspired to make dreams happen for more families. Word spread of the power of the Zipadee-Zip and a company was born. The Zippy is made with cotton, fleece or flannel fabric and comes in sizes small, medium, and large. The sizes fit children as young as two months old and 12 pounds and up to 28 months and 34 pounds. Check out their website for sizing advice.

The Zippy is not just for the swaddle transition, it is good for any type of sleep transition your child is going through. The Zipadee-Zip is perfect for getting babies to sleep in their crib when they outgrow their swing or rocker. It also works when you are ready to transition your toddler out of his crib and into a bed.

Yes, babies need sleep. But parents need it more. The Zippy will transition your baby from swaddle to dreams, keeping them snug and secure during nap time and night time. Zip your baby into a Zipadee-Zip and get back to dreaming.