ZipNiqab: An Innovative Soution For Discreet Muslim Women

Niqabs are worn by many women from the Muslim community that are focused on modesty. The goal of the ZipNiqabZipNiqabNiqab is to cover the lower part of their face - but this garment poses a challenge when it comes time to eat in public. Women are then force to choose between a messier mealtime, or sacrificing their modesty and pulling the religiously motivated apparel away from their faces. Neither is the most desirable way to proceed, which is why the ZipNiqab was created.

The ZipNiqab by all appearances looks like a traditional Niqab, so Muslim women are not sacrificing the comfort of what they are used to wearing. But, in reality, the garment has a hidden zipper that allows them to pull the fabic back away from their mouths as necessary. This makes it easier to eat or perform other activities in public while still exercising discretion and modesty.

The ZipNiqab is available in many different styles, so those that are more comfortable with the traditional can stick with what they know - but those that are bolder in their fashion expression can pick different colors and patterns!