Zippered Booty Shorts: Time To Stop The Zippered Fashion Trend?

Zippers were a hot trend this summer, and going into fall it's one that doesn't show signs of stopping. However, there's one zippered style (and most of us should be in agreement about this one) that really and truly should.

Boy Candy ShortsBoy Candy Shorts

As if booty shorts aren't bad enough , someone had to come along and make something that offers even more exposure for those who desperately want to flaunt their assets. You might not agree, but I think this is just taking the concept of "booylicious" a little bit too far; especially, since this fashion has been named "Boy Candy Shorts", it's pretty clear what their intent is!

Zippered Booty ShortsZippered Booty Shorts

If you're in a warmer climate, you just might see these kicking around for fall - would you sport them, or has this zipper trend gone too far this time?

Via: TrendHunter  

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous


How about finding a model who actually has a booty?

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous

there's nothing wrong with

there's nothing wrong with this model's bum