Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman Is The Only Tool You'll Need On Your Next Camping Trip

Sawing With Zippo WoodsmanSawing With Zippo Woodsman

Think of all the tools you might need on a camping trip. You'll need a mallet to put tent pegs in the ground and something to pull out the pegs. A saw will come in handy when gathering wood for a fire, as would a hatchet. That's pretty much all you'll need, and you will find all of these tools in one amazing camping tool--the Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman

Zippo 4-In-1 WoodsmanZippo 4-In-1 Woodsman

The Zippo Woodsman is a bow saw in its completely assembled form. The blade is 15 inches long and can cut oak up to 4 inches in diameter (I'd venture to guess that you could manage to saw through thicker logs). The handle is actually the blade of the hatchet, covered in thick, durable plastic of course.

The hatchet itself has a 5 inch steel blade. Any small trees that the saw blade can't cut through can be handled by the hatchet tool. Cut wood for your campfire or camp stove, or clear away brush and tree limbs to clean up your campsite with the hatchet and saw tools on the Zippo Woodsman. 

Zippo Woodsman HatchetZippo Woodsman Hatchet

Before you go out gathering wood, it's probably a good idea to set up your camp site and tent. The Zippo Woodsman can help with that as well. The hatchet tool features a mallet on the backside of the blade. Use it to hammer in tent pegs, and then when you're ready to literally "pull up stakes," use the stake puller on the hatchet's handle.

Whether you're an avid camper or you're just looking for a utility tool to use in the backyard, the Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman will be a great addition to your backpack or tool shed. Find more information on the Zippo website or order your own today on Amazon.  

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