Zipzicles Let You Create Your Own Unique and Healthy Ice-Pops

Those long, sweltering days of summer are almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about cool down options. Popsicles and ice cream are delicious choices, but remember how much you loved ice-pops as a kid? They were so carefree and fun, just like summer - no stick or cone required! Unfortunately as adults most of us give up on ice-pops, writing them off as sugary kid treats that will only add unwanted pounds to our already un-beach-ready bodies. Well, I’m here to tell you that there may be a way to welcome that icy cool goodness back into your summer routine.  Zipzicles allow you the freedom to create your own ice-pops out of whatever you want.

What are Zipzicles? They’re BPA free, fill-able tube shaped pouches that zip closed to seal. You just fill them up using a funnel, zip them and freeze. You can create all kinds of unique flavors and super healthy options (with no artificial colors or flavors). Families that have to be conscious of allergies can create safe treats for everyone to enjoy. And, if the kids don’t finish them in one sitting, they can be zipped closed and tucked away in the freezer for later.

Also, for anyone throwing an adult summer party, they’d make a fun ‘grown-up’ treat with the addition of some alcohol to the icy pop base of choice. Pina colada pop anyone? To read some reviews or pick up some Zipzicles click here.

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