Zoho: The All-in-One Office Everything You Need Software Website

Zoho is a complete office suite that gives you just about everything you could want in terms of office software, all available online through their website.  The service is comprehensive and reliable, and surprisingly inviting upon first look.  If you think it's going to be a simple online word processor, think again.  Word processing is just the beginning of what you can do with Zoho.

The list of Zoho services you get with a registered account are impressive.  Beyond simple word processing, you can organize web conferences, share online documents, create online presentations, take notes, create spreadsheets, chat with other users, and even create your own web apps.  Each of these is full featured, and the interfaces most often resemble Microsoft Office products as closely as possible, and when they don't, they have a simple step-by-step interface that is really easy to use and understand.

Registration with the site is free, as are a fair amount of the services Zoho provides.  With some services, you'll be able to try the application for free and have to pay for it after a certain amount of use, and some will allow you to sign up to use the service free with various restrictions on how much you can use it.  It seems that Zoho is looking beyond individual users, and more towards businesses, since they offer registration packages that look to cater to multiple users, and larger amounts of data sharing, as well as multiple applications to be used on web pages.

There's no way to review every Zoho service in one blog post, so this is a basic overview of what looks to be a formidable service for online office management.  There's no problems with any of the services, at first look, but if you've used any of these services before and have some insight, be sure to let us know in the comments.  In the future, expect detailed reviews of Zoho services on their own.