The Zoku Quick Pop Maker Creates Frozen Treats In Minutes


Kids these days are used to getting things fast.  Many have their own cell phones, so they can get a hold of people in a hurry.  They also have a vast amount of information at their fingertips.  Remember the old days when some things took all day or longer?  Maybe it was part of the charm, but some treats were awfully hard to wait for.  One of those much anticipated items was frozen pops.

There was nothing greater than coming in from the blistering summer heat to find that the juice pops that you helped your mom make the night before were finally frozen and ready to eat.  What about the times when the hot spell hit unexpectedly and there was nothing ready to cool you off? 

Kids of the present day have reason to cheer.  The Zoku Quick Pop Maker creates frozen treats in 7-15 minutes (as long as someone remembers to freeze the base, that is).  The gadget comes with the base which must be frozen for approx. 24 hours before use, six sticks, six drip trays and a special tool for loosening the frozen pops.  You just have to pour in the liquid of your choice and wait a few minutes for it to freeze solid.


You can even create filled pops by waiting until the outside is set and then sucking out the middle through a straw.  You then refill it with your second liquid.  Layering your flavors is another option, as long as you give each layer a few minutes to set before pouring the next.  If you are feeling really creative you could use melted ice cream, yogurt, pudding, pureed fruit or whatever else you can dream up.  The Zoku will make nine pops before it needs to be re-frozen.    


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