Zombie Apocalypse Summer Camp For The Brainy Big Kid In You

June is here, and if you're a parent, it's time to start considering what summer activities you will enroll your children in before registration is full. That's all fine and well, but why should your kids have all the fun? Adult camps are becoming a new trend, and there's one challenging option that will see if your 'grown-up' lifestyle has prepared you to survive without losing your mind.

Of course, I do mean 'losing your mind' literally since the adult camp in question is Canada's Zombie Survival Camp. The camp has been in operation since 2013, and it's a business that places its focus on hosting a number of different zombie-related events. But at this time of year, it's the camp that is their central program, and it's the only one that allows adults to escape the real world into one where they need to fend for their lives. 

 The Zombie Survival Camp runs for three days, and their summer events take place from June 5-7 in Cardiff, Ontario, Canada (near Bancroft) or August 7-9 in Steinbach, Ontario, Canada (near Winnipeg). Each of these camp events are entirely different, primarily as a result of their unique settings.

The location campers will fight to survive the zombie apocalypse in Ontario is an old maple syrup refinery, located in the wilderness and nestled on a secluded lake. While it is isolated, the camp is equipped with some of the luxuries of home. There are cabins with bunk beds (perfect for reliving your Friday the 13th nightmares), running water, a beach, a sauna, trails and more. Complete meals are provided from the kitchen, so when you're taking a break from preventing a zombie population takeover, you can relax and refuel.

The Manitoba camp is a little bit more rustic as campers learn keep their brains in tact in their skills in prarie and forested terrain. The catch here is that you're really going to be staying off the beaten path - there are no beds, no cabins, and you're really going to feel like you've been transplanted into parts of The Walking Dead.  The organizers suggest bringing a tent, hammock, or just resting up in your vehicle, like you may have to abandon camp at any moment.

Despite the different settings, the camp programs are very similar in both Ontario and Manitoba. On Friday evening, when all of the zombie apocalypse survivors convene to meet each other and learn about Necrology.

On Saturday, survivors learn a variety of skills and tactics designed to help them defeat the flesh eating creatures waiting for them just around the corner. Survivors go to each "station" in traditional camper style, that will be reminiscent of childhood summers are overnight camps. They're just a little bit more intense than the crafts or canoeing from those days. Survivors learn archery, Zom-Jitsu (or as they call it, hand-to-rotting hand combat), weapons combat, field craft, and "bug out" survival gear. Plus, the more basis survival skills, like learning how to identify edible plants, first aid techniques, leading a group of survivors, and how to find food, water, and shelter. The staff members are real experts in each of these areas, so survivors do learn real take home techniques for application if they survive the zombie attacks.

Sunday is D-Day at Zombie Survival Camp, and in order to survive the undead, it's necessary to complete a variety of challenges specifically related to the skills learned. The camp will also be swimming with creepy creatures just waiting for their opportunity to use the campers as a human buffet.

In addition to these summer camps, the company runs team-building activities and gets involved in other zombie-related events taking place nationally.

This is not the only camp of this type, so don't be discouraged if you're hoping to get your survival on and this one is out of reach! 

Via: Toronto.com