Zombie Plant Hair Clips Are Sprouting Up All Over China

Get your sprout on! The latest new Chinese fashion accessory sold and seen in Beijing's trendier neighborhoods appears to be a baby plant sprouting up from the wearer's hair. One would hope these green sprouts aren't feeding on one's gray matter.

Unless we're witnessing the dawn of some strange vegan zombie apocalypse or a mutated real-life version of the brain slugs from Futurama, then these fake sprouts sported by “sproutheads” (as Shanghaiist reporter Katie Nelson has dubbed them) of all ages and genders are merely a cute but curious fashion accessory.

Their inspiration is unknown though some have speculated a character from a popular Chinese animated TV show called “Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf” first sparked the trend. 

You don't have to visit China to get your own green sprout hair clip(s); several dozen sellers at Taobao have listed a mind-boggling range of sprout clips for sale online. Think you'd like to wear one? Got a fertile mind? Then don't hesitate, germinate! (via Shanghaiist and SINA