Ready, Set, Cleave! - Zombie Chomper Knife from Ka-Bar

What is Zombie Chomper Knife from Ka-Bar?

In this day and age, preparedness is more than a good idea. It is absolutely necessary. Fast zombies, slow zombies, climbing zombies, swimming zombies. You simply do not know what will try to destroy you. Arm yourself with only the best. Ka-Bar Zombie Chomper takes no prisoners. Be ready when…not if….the Zombie Apocalypse happens.

Ka-Bar Zombie CleaverKa-Bar Zombie Cleaver


What's Special About The Ka-Bar Knife?

Long known as THE maker of quality hunting, military, survival and law enforcement cutlery, Ka-Bar now provides the best in zombie cleaving technology. Add this heavyweight zombie attitude adjuster to your bug-out bag and be ready. 

Made of the sharpest, strongest steel, the Zombie Chomper blade measures 10 ¼” long and a full ¼” thick. It weighs in at an impressive 1.6 pounds at an overall length of 15 ½”. The full-tang blade fits into glass-filled nylon handles, capable of dealing a wallop to wayward living humans or stunning medium-sized game.

This monster won’t take any nonsense from the monsters coming for your family. Uniquely shaped and balanced to be front-heavy, it slices deep and clean with minimal effort. All the better for chopping uglies into tiny bits.

The Zomstro comes equipped with Zombie Green handles and black handles, a 3 ¼”
back up knife for more delicate jobs, a durable nylon sheath with belt loop and accessory pouch, nine feet of Zombie Green paracord, extra handle mounting hardware, and an exclusive Ka-Bar “Zombie Knives” patch. The sheath is big and efficient, able to hold lots of your zombie-fighting gear.

Ka-Bar Zombie Chomper KnifeKa-Bar Zombie Chomper Knife

This is the real deal to separate the undead creepers from their mortal coils. Designed to perform flawlessly in any situation, whether that is cutting a path through a jungle or securing the perimeter of your camp, the Zomstro will stand the test of any zombie ambush.

As with all heavy blades, the Zomstro ships slightly dull. The Postal Service takes a dim view of flying large chunks of razor-sharp steel around the country. Just a few swipes across your favorite honing stone will tune up this bad boy into the killing machine it is meant to be.

It works into a razor edge with remarkably little effort, leaving you time for other important tasks like setting up motion sensor lights and trip wires. It holds that edge through chopping, slicing, dicing, whacking, and generally dismantling everything from wood to flesh to auto bodies. No hunk of rotting undead carrion will ruin this blade.

Zombies 025Zombies 025
Image: Abode of Chaos


Where can you get the Ka-Bar Zombie Chopper?

Manufactured only in the United States, the Ka-Bar Zombie Chomper is a true-blue American hero knife. It is not concealable. It is intimidating and wickedly effective. For survivors only, Ka-Bar offers this blade for the price of only $129.99.

Zombie Apocalypse PreparednessZombie Apocalypse Preparedness
Image: Luke Roberts

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Besides your shotgun, extra ammo, and Zombie Chomper knife, what needs to be in your bug-out bag?

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Aug 24, 2013
by Anonymous

Toilet paper and lots of it.

Toilet paper and lots of it.