Zombie Maid Cafe... That Is All

Zombie chic has hit Japan and who knows, even Hello Kitty may yet jump on the bandwagon. Already consumers and pop culture trendies can feed their appetites with monstrous munchies like Zombie Meat Jerky but hey - even serious Otaku need to get out once in a while. If zombies and bimbos are your fave rave, then the Zombie Maid Cafe is where undead wannabes wanna be.

Consider the Maid Of The Dead : RETURN event held on the night of June 12-13 at the Schatz Kiste maid cafe a dry run on how zombie culture plays with Japan's legions of Otaku geeks.

The word is, the one night event went over well indeed, and it's likely the maid/waitresses at Schatz Kiste enjoyed breaking out of the servile Kawaii cuteness that must wear thin after enough time.

Customers at Maid Of The Dead : RETURN were treated to the usual maid cafe amenities with a chilling zombie twist. Take the menu, for instance: Eyeball Soup, Finger Sandwiches and Brain Sauce. Hope you're not on a die-et. (via 3yen, Watashi to Tokyo and Shirtoid)

Jun 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Limited to Horror Fans alone

No one else would go in & yes I like new dining venues BUT NOT this.
For U Steven King fans, Have at it.