12 Weird, Wild, And Wonderful International Zoo Ads

Zoo ads are conceived to show you just how weird, wild, and wonderful our fellow creatures are, and how each time you visit them, you not only have fun, but you learn things from them as well as about them.  This is one area of advertising that always delivers what it promises! Here are another 12 very clever zoo ads from all over the world for your enjoyment.



1.  Al Ain Zoo Ad: April, 2008, United Arab Emirates


A Real Sleeper


Caption:  Now open till midnight.



2.  Amsterdam Zoo Ad: January, 1998, The Netherlands

Agency: FHV/BBDO


My Bros Sure Don't Have It This Good In Alaska!



3.  Wellington Zoo Ad:  October 2007,  New Zealand

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ


I Can Identify


Caption: 100 Birthday Party