ZOOBs Offer Some Speedy Creativity

If you have little kids, the odds are good that you know what a ZOOB is. It took me a second to recognize them; if I recall, Denny's restaurants had little ZOOB men for tykes to play with while waiting for their Grand Slams. I generally ended out playing with it as well...

But I had no idea that ZOOBs, from Infinitoy, were so versatile. For those who are unfamiliar, ZOOBs consist of five different types of pieces that can snap together in twenty different ways. What makes them unique is that the pieces can move after being put together. Every ZOOB kit (and there are several) is interchangeable; this invites a practically endless variety of creations.

For example, the ZOOB Mobile Car Designer Kit allows kids (or adults like me-I may look 43, but I'm mentally about 8) to make a wide variety of vehicles.

Check this crazy thing out:

It's called the "Gear Getter." Now, I'm not sure why it has a name like that, but I do know that I like it and want a life-size version... though I'd probably paint it black and wear a Batman costume when toolin' around town... which would lead to my arrest and a nice little fifteen-seconds of fame via CNN.

The ZOOB Mobile Car Designer Kit contains 76 pieces and 12 wheels, tires, and axles. That's enough to build three ZOOB cars at once. Instructions are included to guide in the assembly of these twelve vehicles:

Gear Getter (see picture above)

Outback Cruiser

ZOOB Duster

Mach 5

Lunar Rover


Moon Unit Raker

Supersonic Stinger

Tri-Sonic Cruiser

ZOOB Buggy

The ZOOBster

12 Wheeler Flatbed

What's cool is that you're not limited to just these vehicles. Kids (or someone like me) can go nuts building all sorts of combinations with just this kit alone-or augment it with other ZOOB products.

And on the practical side, toys such as this help kids (or, once again, guys like me... particularly after a few beers) with cognitive development, motor skills, and eye/hand coordination.

I love toys that sneak education into the fun-mix.

The ZOOB Mobile Car Designer Kit can be found at amazon.com.


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