Zoomies -- Binocular Glasses. Stylish? Maybe... But Do They Work?

Zoomies.  Just the name inspires curiousity.  Essentially these things are binoculars that you wear like sunglasses.  Cool idea.  But do they work?

First off, let's check out the TV ad for this product:

I love how regular binoculars seem to have the molecular density of Jupiter, making them impossible to hold up to your head...

This is a great concept.  I would use Zoomies for multiple events, including camping, football and baseball games, and as my mask when I'm in my superhero persona.  But... according to many reviews, they simply don't work.  Most of the complaints revolve around the alleged exaggeration of the magnification.  Others claim that the glasses have an extremely narrow field of vision.  Complaints of blurriness abound.

On the other hand, some reviews point out some positive aspects--and don't ever mention the magnification issue.  For example, the Zoomies are lightweight, are adjustable (so they can be used as binoculars or reading glasses), include a sunshade so that they can be used as sunglasses, and are hands-free.

Given the design, I can understand the cons to this product.  It is quite small, which would limit the intent of the lenses.  From all of the reviews, the pros seem to equal the cons.  While the magnification and narrow view field may be an issue, this sounds like a great idea that--with a little work--could be a great addition to any hunter's, camper's, or sports fan's mandatory kit.

You're not going to have to pay much for Zoomies. So when you add in the cost factor to the analysis, if you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for high end binocular glasses, Zoomies Binocular Glasses are definitely worth buying IF you want a pair of  binocular glasses that work overall and do not want to pay a lot for them.

You can go check the reviews for them on  Amazon here and for more information about Zoomies, go to the Zoomies site here!

Update: Zoomies are now hard to locate and purchase. You can also find similar zoom glasses here.

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