Zswinger Will Train You To Hit Harder And Longer

Zswinger Golf Training ClubZswinger Golf Training Club

Rhythm and tempo--important not only in music, but in sports, from the dribbling of a basketball to the footwork of a boxer. Rhythm and tempo are also important in a golf swing, and the Zswinger will help you focus on those two aspects of your swing, while training your muscles to hit the ball harder and longer.

Attach a sail to a golf club and you've go the Zswinger. Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that, but the idea is the same. The sail only deploys when you swing correctly, with proper form and tempo. The design of the Zswinger forces you to focus on the rhythm of your swing--pause at the top and strike down through the ball. 


If you rush the transition in your backswing, the Zswinger's sail will deflate. By training you to pause at the top of your swing, the Zswinger makes you set the correct swing plane. This allows you to hit the ball straight and hard more consistently. 

At the top of the swing, the Zswinger's sail rotates and stays inflated through the striking of the ball and follow through. With the sail deployed, you also get resistance training, which strengthens your muscles. This will help increase the distance of your drive. 

Unlike weighted golf clubs, which also provide resistance and so improve drive distance, the Zswinger provides resistance through 100% of your swing. With weighted clubs, gravity takes over at a point and does the work, but Zswinger trains your muscles from the start of your swing through the follow through. Check out the video below to see how Zswinger works. 

If you're an amateur golfer looking to improve your swing, this may be just the right tool for you, and it's not going to break your bank at $60. Check out the Zswinger website for additional product information and ordering information.