Zubka Uses Social Trends to Connect People with Jobs and Offers a Commission

Zubka is a social networking site that connects people with jobs, and allows individuals to earn money during the process. It's a business that plays upon the rapidly growing trend of networking sites and brings a sense of ease to the lucrative industry of recruiting.

There are three categories of people who can join Zubka based on various positions in the job hunting process. The website looks for Connectors, who can make money by recommending people to available jobs. The Candidates are job seekers who have been recommended by a Connector or joined the site on their own accord. Then there are the Hirers, which can be any person or organization with an open job to fill; recruiting agencies included (though different fees do apply, as outlined below).

The catch is that the Connectors are responsible for the hard part of the recruiting process. They search job postings, and once they feel they've found a friend or acquaintance who meets the position's requirements, they send the information to the Hirer. It's not quite that easy, however, because the Connector must also put together a candidate profile on behalf of the person they'd like to recommend. There is a pretty nice reward, however, provided the person is selected for the job. Connectors get a hearty commission, based on the job's salary. The website doesn't provide a set percentage, but illustrates the compensation through one example where the Connector earns approximately 16% commission on an $80K salary, equating to $4,800USD. Rewards are also listed with job listings, so Connectors can be sure their efforts are worthwhile for the payoff!

Zubka does offer Connectors efficient methods to monitor their job listings, like custom-created widgets to send relevant postings. The widgets can be posted on your blog, website or any social networking site that will accept it; that way your friends and family members can have a look for themselves and see if any of the jobs meet their interests.

Zubka Hirer accounts are for organizations looking for help to fill open roles. Rates to post on Zubka are $20 per vacancy. For those Hirers who are ready to make the Zubka long-term commitment, there are also more economical job posting and advertising packages.

Staffing agencies can join as well, but have to share a piece of their commission pie. They still have to pay the standard $20 per job, per month plus an 8% commission based on the job salary.

I have to applaud Zubka's policy when it comes to assisting charities with their staffing needs. To encourage use of their services, instead of charging fees they actually make a contribution to the charity. They donate both 5% of the placement fee AND the Connector's reward, which on average is about $5,000.

While there are countless numbers of job boards on the internet, Zubka has developed a concept that is both unique and trendy. A winning combination for any business.

So, entrepreneurs, what will yours be?

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