Zoku Fish Pop Molds Are Perfect For Little Hands

Popsicles and summer go hand in hand. Popsicles and my one-year-old twin boys go poorly. But it’s summer and they want what their big sister has. Short of using a hand-held mesh food bag that allows them to gnaw on frozen fruit or letting them lick a popsicle while I hold it, I haven’t found a way to let them enjoy one of summer’s best treats. Until now. Zoku, the company who gave us the Quick Pop Maker, now offers Fish Pop Molds. These pops are the perfect size for little hands.

Fish Pop Molds allow you to make popsicles that are an appropriate size for toddlers. My boys will be able to hold and eat their own popsicles without dropping or choking on larges pieces that might break off of other larger and thinner pops. Obviously, all children should be supervised while eating any food, but these fun, under the sea creatures look chunky enough to stay intact while my boys eat them.

The Zoku molds are BPA and phthalate free and include a puffer fish, shark, scuba diver, octopus, whale, and clown fish—also known as Nemo in our house. I’ll let you try to explain to my three-year-old that Nemo is just a character name and not the actual name of the fish. Good luck.

Fill the molds with juice to make a cheaper and probably healthier treat for your kids. Or get rid of that summer pile of Community Supported Agriculture kale or spinach you don’t know what to do with and make smoothies to pour into the molds. You’ll get awesome, vitamin packed popsicles. And eat less kale chips.

The molds can also be filled with melted chocolate or candy to make homemade lollipops. And each stick has a skeleton and tail of the corresponding sea creature but go crazy, mix ‘em up! The sticks also have a drip guard, but I’m not too concerned about dripping. My hope is that the boys like their popsicles more than the dog does and that the pops don’t end up on the floor covered in dog hair. Sticky boys are par for the course.

When they’re ready, just pull the pop out of the mold, which is made out of material soft enough to move easily and invert when tugged on. Then enjoy the success of having saved some money by making your own popsicles, having offloaded some of that never-ending kale, and having made your kids happy by giving them a fun and yummy treat.

And since the Fish Pop Molds are small and perfect for little hands, don’t feel too bad about giving them another when they ask for it. Because they will. And when you say yes, you’ll be cheered as the best summer superhero ever. Hmmm…popsicle superhero. I like it.

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