2007 Audition Dates for Season Two of American Inventor

The audition dates for Season 2 of the American Inventor reality television show are:

Los Angeles - March 19th

San Francisco - March 25h

Chicago - March 31th (orginally posted as 30th)

NYC - April 4th

Orlando - April 9th

Houston - April 13th

The show website says:

AMERICAN INVENTOR will visit six cities with our panel of judges for open casting calls to meet inventors from all over the country. The competition is open to individuals or teams of inventors, and all ages are welcome.

The judges will finally narrow the field down to the six finalists who will each be given $50,000 seed money, and time to develop their ideas. Our contestants will be given guidance from experts, but in the end, it is up to them to decide how to take their product to the next level. America’s votes will help select the winning inventor, who will receive a million dollars.

Thanks to Dadddy Mathis for letting us know. Join us in the American Inventor  Forums to discuss it.


Feb 17, 2007
by Michelle
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Need Reporter Blogger for Los Angeles Auditions

If anyone is going to audition in Los Angeles and willing to write about their experiences for us on this website, could you please drop me a note.



Feb 17, 2007
by bobby Amore

Have fun at the auditons!!

Best of luck inventors with your auditions! My advice to you would be what I tell kids that I coach just before playing against better teams. I like to remind them that their competition puts their skates on the same way they do. Draw on the fact that you really enjoy what you're doing and that will come out in the audition.

bobby amore
American inventor top 12 finalist

Feb 17, 2007
by Michelle
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Hi Bobby: If you edit your

Hi Bobby:

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Feb 18, 2007
by Pat Rock (not verified)

Be confident in your invention!

I was also on the show with Bobby last year. Be passionate, engage the judges and most of all be yourself. If you have a great idea, you don't have to make up a thing. Don't waste time talking about numbers and sales potential. They won't want to hear that. Show them why it is cool! Talk about the invention and why it is important. Remember, some of the best inventions are created out of necessity. Tell them why America will like it and they may just send you through to the next round. If you have more than one invention, show them your best one first. Don't waste time on secondary inventions unless they give you extra time.

Good Luck!
Pat Rock
Top 24 from Season #1

Feb 20, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Where are the addresses and

Where are the addresses and buildings involved?

Feb 20, 2007
by bottleslingguy
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They'll let you know once it

They'll let you know once it gets closer to the audition dates. They don't want people camping out at the NY Armory for three weeks.

While you wait, please check out my invention at Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

Feb 21, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It's About Time

It's about time AI & ABC get on with the program.

After all this waiting for the season to start and they barely give enough notice.

I hope they do some good advertising - somewhere, besides on this website.

Mar 12, 2007
by lifegoeson (not verified)

Everyday Edisons

Dear Michelle, I wanted to congratulate you on the growth of your web. Way back when I sent you some information on an invention which you posted (thank you). I think I was the sixth one on your site, you were tiny! But then you changed your format and asked me to submit it again. I have not had the time to follow up.

Anyways I saw your post about the Everyday Edisons program and went to the casting call in San Diego.

I have not seen a follow up about the casting call on your site. This is too bad because contrary to what I expected it was nothing like the American Invention process. The attendees were the same, nerves everywhere, but the judges were respectful and kind.

I had an interesting time, well worth my time and travels to it, in fact based on it have decided not to go to the AI call.

Did I miss a post?. I didn't see a spot on it on your sidebar, but there really should be one.