The Axe Effect Spreads to Towels : Inventive Marketing

Axe is known for its seductive fragrances and packaging and over the years the brand has established itself as one of the leading male grooming brands in the world. The Axe lineup includes deodorant, hair gel and shower gel.

Axe's so called seductive fragrances and sexy packaging of these products is marketed through their also provocative advertising.

Axe has award-winning "Axe Effect" ads and marketing that range from traditional television commercials always portraying "the guy getting the girl" and what we like to call the "dating and mating game" all the way to a female Axe Patrol that visits bars and clubs, frisking guys and applying body spray and now bath towels.

Axe is continuing their marketing through nontraditional media via towels with provocative messaging. This message, as with many other Axe Effect advertising techniques need not include any words at all!

Axe EffectAxe EffectAgency: Lowe MENA, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Dominic Stallard and Clinton Manson
Art Director: Dominic Stallard
Copywriter: Clinton Manson
Arabic Copywriter: Ma'n Abu Taleb

Source: Ads of the World

What do you think of Axe's nontraditional, seductive way of marketing their product? Do you think it works?

Amy Gifford
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Sep 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

info on axe and who the inventor

i need this info becuse in my science class we doing a sceince project of what body spary last the longest

Mar 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Same ol' same ol'

There is nothing non-traditional about using sex in advertising. Axe just happens to be pushing today's envelope surrounding what is socially acceptable in advertising. If they could show a man with a woman's lips around his dick after using Axe, they would.