Enjoy Your Backyard with Solar Energy

Do you like to barbeque? Do you mow your yard? Do you have a fire ant infestation or are the mosquitoes eating you alive? Are you too dirty to go inside? Whether this sounds like you or someone else you know, there is an alternative, cheaper, quieter, and greener way to enjoy your backyard. From mirrored grills that cook your food naturally to chemically-free ant charmers and mosquito repellents, these innovations are all powered by the sun and get the job done.

Solar Ant CharmerSolar Ant Charmer 1. The Solar Ant Charmer

If you live anywhere in the southern US you may have come across a fire ant problem in your backyard. If you haven’t, you probably will as the species continues to spread. The fire ant is not native to the US, but it is native to South America and was introduced here in the 1930s. If fire ants are in your backyard, you could continue using the expensive ant poison or ant bait you’ve been using. The bait will take weeks to actually work and the poison can be harmful to your lawn and seep into your water supply. Or you could invest in a Solar Ant Charmer by Heitman Laboratories instead. The Solar Ant Charmer is placed in the center of an ant mound and is activated by the sun. The solar energy provides the electrical stimulus that attracts the fire ants. The ants crawl in and then can’t get out. An estimated 60,000 ants can be caught in about 20 minutes. To help you track the number of trapped fire ants, you can look at the marked meter inside the charmer. How you choose to dispose of the ants once they are trapped is up to you, but no bait, no chemicals and no batteries are required to turn on the charm. See Green Product.



Solar Anti- Mosquito GuardSolar Anti- Mosquito Guard2. The Solar Anti- Mosquito Guard.

Does the West Nile virus concern you or do the bug bites have you itching so much you would rather stay indoors? It isn’t right. Nature is as much yours as it is the mosquitoes’, except they won't leave you alone. You’ve tried every bug repellent there is in stores and they still keep stinging. Not only that, but bug repellents are messy, smelly and expensive and they only work where applied. You always have to reapply too, especially if you get wet. Don’t worry. There is an alternative solution. It is an anti-mosquito product that isn’t a spray, a lotion or a citronella thingamajig. It is the Solar Anti- Mosquito Guard and it is supposed to be different. It is powered by the sun, keeps mosquitoes away with an ultra sonic high frequency that repel mosquitoes day or night. It is also safe for everyone to use (even children and pets) because there are no harmful chemicals being used. In addition it has a compass and an LED light. Go ahead and throw away the smelly bug sprays that go into your mouth even when you turn your head away or hold your breath. See Green Product.



Solar Mulching MowerSolar Mulching Mower3. The 14-8008 Solar Mulching Mower.

Your noisy lawn mower has run out of gas in the middle of the yard again. Tired of it? Maybe your yard is too big or your mower is too small, either way it is a hassle. So consider the Solar Mulching Mower instead. The Solar Mulching Mower by Black and Decker has solar panels attached. There are no cords to run over or to plug in. It is a bit pricey for the average lawn mower buyer, but if purchased, the owner can save a lot of money on gas and oil. Because it is solar powered, it reduces air pollution and runs quietly. Finally, you can own a quiet lawnmower! The lawnmower also comes with 19 inch blades, can have height customized and includes a rear bagger for mulching leaves. Place you bagged mulch into your compost pile and smile for doing your part to keep the green going and growing. The best part of all, no more gasoline smell stinking up your garage or wherever it is you store your mower when you’re done. See Green Product.


Solar ShowerSolar Shower4. The Solar Shower.

You’re in your backyard and you just finished mowing, gardening or fixing something dirty. It’s a hot day. You’re sweating. You’re dirty. The garden hose is short, awkward and tangled. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pop under some water and rinse off before you go inside. Fortunately, you can with the Solar Shower. Just pop right under it and adjust the temp to your liking. Your garden hose is connected to it to provide the water, and the sun is used to warm up your water (if you want warm water). The Solar Shower can reach temperatures as high as 130F in about 1 or 2 hours in sunny weather. It can also store 5.5 gallons of water. This isn’t much, but it is enough to get you rinsed off a few times. Don’t confuse the Solar Shower with the Solar Shower Bag which needs to be hung and doesn’t work well. Instead this innovation is bolted down, and is easy to unbolt to put away when not in use. It is also possible, if you prefer, to have the shower permanently installed and have underground plumbing and draining added. Doesn’t this bring a whole new meaning to rinsing off outside? See Green Product.




Solar GrillSolar Grill 5. The Solar Grill.

Finally, picture this. It is a beautiful sunny day on the 4th of July. Your family has come over to visit and taking up all the space in your house. You, on the other hand, are outside searching everywhere for your lighter fluid and charcoal. Are you all out? No. You’re just having temporary memory loss and you have forgotten that you no longer need to buy that stuff because you now have your Solar Grill from Tammock Trading in Switzerland. This grill can barbecue everything you barbecue on a regular grill, except instead of using charcoal, lighter fluid, propane or fire, there is a flexible mirror and the sun to cook your food. Just place your food on the grill and the mirror will focus the sun’s beams on the barbeque cup heating it up and cooking your food. No more grill brushes, coal ashes or burned eyebrows to worry about. Sounds great huh? Unfortunately, despite the reviews I’ve read and the links provided to Tammock Trading, I’ve been unable to find a place to buy this grill. How unfortunate. This grill is a great innovation and probably the easiest grill to clean in the world. See Green Product.


High Prices for Solar Energy

It is true, that the initial cost of solar energy can be a pricey. Like most developing concepts, prices are high until the concept is no longer a fad, but a norm. Also, keep in mind that over time the money saved on electricity and gas will more than make up for the initial cost of switching to solar energy. As a bonus, solar energy is environmentally friendly, so think about turning to sun for your future needs.

If today’s blog on the use solar energy for the backyard didn’t intrigue you, watch for more of my articles on innovative ways to use solar energy.

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Nov 27, 2006
by Caleb Trueblood (not verified)

U Suck

U guys r nothing but complete anus's I don't believe any of these projects will ever affect the future....U SUCK

Nov 28, 2006
by George (not verified)

This stuff is all rubish. No

This stuff is all rubish.
No one's gunna use this crap.
Because they don't have to.

Solar mower! Ppppfffff
That would be soooooooo crap!!!
It would have bugger all power
and what happens when its not sunny!
It's been sitting in your dark shed all week.
huh? what then?

Then theres that Grill Thing.
...Where the bloody hell are ya gunna put that??
It's Huge?
And it would be sooooo sloooowww!!

All this stuff would cost so much $$$$$$$$$$$

Green :YES
Feasable :NO

It seems petrol is the way to go!!!

Thanks for nothing
Do you know how long it took me to write this???

Best wishes

Mar 9, 2007
by Solar (not verified)

This "stuff" isn't rubbish.

Just a reply to George here,

Your way of thinking is one of the reasons why the air we breathe is full of chemicals. At least these inventors are doing their part to help better our environment.

Solar energy is fast becoming the most residentially used renewable energy solution.

Although i agree "green is not entirely feasable", i have seen many clients enjoy the benefits of using a combination of renewable energy sources, in a bid to lower monthly bills, and knowing they are doing something healthy for the environment.

In this day and age, we all need to be open to new ideas and inventions on the natural energy front. Solar energy is set for a revolutionary introduction to many aspects of our life, you just need to accept that, and give it a go.


Oct 16, 2007
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

Thanks Max

for finding the link. That link does work.  



Apr 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Great and i am pinching them

Thx for these great finds : Love the shower - I will post about it on www.myurbangardendecoguide.com with a link!
From London