Ball of Fun

Ok, here is one thing that all kids love, and given the size of this contraption, will probably love it all that much more.

The 84" Giga Ball is bright red and loads of fun, once it's fully inflated. The inflation takes some time and patience as the ball does not come with a pump, but once it's done, the kids will not want to leave it. Children can crawl into the ball and roll about inside it while someone rolls the ball around. Get ready for hours of shrieking joy...

The Giga Ball is made of heavy-gauge vinyl and inflates to a diameter of 7 inches. The outer wall of the ball has peek-a-boo windows for the little ones to look out of. The super thick pillows of air provide adequate cushioning against the ground, so it is really safe.

The Giga Ball can be used both indoors (provided you have that kind of room) and outdoors. It is recommended for children over the age of 4, but younger ones can play with it under adult supervision.

Children will have a blast with it as it is great not only for physical play; it also encourages imagination as kids turn the ball into their own private sanctuary. At $199.99 it is expensive, but then the guaranteed happiness will probably make up for it.

I wish the Giga Ball was around when I was a kid.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot


Apr 14, 2007
by Jesus Tits (not verified)

It's all fun and games till

It's all fun and games till one of your friends shoves you into the river in that thing....Actually that might be kind of fun providing it doesn't immeadately fill with water.