Seth Says: The Best Billboards You've Probably Never Seen

Sometimes there's nothing like seeing a really good advertisement. Whether it's a commercial, a magazine ad or, in this case, a billboard, a great ad is hard to beat. Thanks to (you can see what my day's been like so far) we've got a great assemblage of the best billboards from around the world, most of which you've probably never seen.

I just find something so effective about a really great advertisement, ya know? Everyone has uttered once or twice "I don't give in to advertisements." But, come on, we all do, otherwise they wouldn't still be around. I can unabashedly say that I am happy to give into these billboards because most of them are just that good. The majority are funny or just cool; but there are a few that make a point in their brashness. Granted it's hard to look at an ad of a drowned child to promote child pool safety, or another that portrays a decal of a mugger hiding behind a corner about to strike an unsuspecting victim, but if they do their job then I say kudos. Sometimes you have to be brazen to make a point, and these great advertisements do.

Most of them, however, are just fun so browse for a bit and enjoy. Also, if you find some of your own great billboards send me a link and I'll post it. Cheers.

Seth Plattner
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