Best Poopy Stuff of All Time

Well, I was having a crappy day and it got me thinking that the world is full of crap ....literally. So I went on my merry way to prove my hypothesis true...and I have.

Here are my best finds for all the things inspired by the poop in people's lives:

1. I Love You Shaped Fake Dog Poop

I guess nothing says I love you better than saying it with poop?

The merchant for this says for this poop product " Love is a wonderful thing. And what could say "I LOVE YOU" more than Fake Dog Poop Shaped like a lovely message "I LOVE YOU", "I (heart) YOU" ? The Letters & Heart are about 4-5 inches tall. Each piece is a little different because they are all hand-made (yuk).(poop)


2. Doodie Notes Holder

When you need to fill your life with reminders of all the crap you have to do, might as well keep all your notes well organized all on one eye-cathing note holder.

The merchant for this poop says: "We all love doodie jokes! This doodie note hanger has 4 metal clips that will hold all the important documents in front of your desk! (Suction cups)" (Update: Poop item no longer available. try this poop instead.)


3. Poop Calendar - 12 Months of Crap

Since your days are all filled with crap, why not remind yourself of that constantly with a poop calendar.

The merchant for this poop says: "So you think you've seen every calendar known to man. Angels, babies, bunnies, cars, and puppies. One word comes to mind, BORING! PrankPlace proudly introduces a calendar so funny, and so wrong, that it is just right! A calendar that chronicles a fact of life that's touched us all. Each month features a beautiful image, but in every picture is a nice picturesque pile of dog poop. Professionally photographed, these pictures are almost breath taking, and yet totally disgusting at the same time." (Buy poop here.)


4. Wet Sticky Poop Water Ball

Since it feels like the world is throwing you crap, it'd be fun to actually throw some poop around, wouldn't it?

Merchant for this poop says:

"1) Throw it on slippery surface (wall, desk, glass), and see how it sticks, and watch them splat and return to original shape suddenly and roll down the wall...
3) Also called venting balls
4) Suitable as stress relief squeeze ball both for adults or children...
6) It also can put jelly or water inside"(Update: Poop item no longer available. try this poop instead.)

Sep 22, 2007
by WebTV (not verified)

Poop Today, Flushed Tomorrow

lol well while we're being juvenile, it's funny to hear all the terms people use to say feces:

feces, fecal, poop, shit, crap, caca, poo poo, poo, turd, clud, krud,

damn I couldn't think of any more..I know there's more..just couldn't  recall anymore

Sep 22, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

doesnt mattter

answer to math problem

Sep 22, 2007
by HELP! (not verified)



Sep 22, 2007
by Eric (not verified)


I wonder how long the product life cycle was for all of these...

Sep 22, 2007
by fire fruit (not verified)

the crap


true is gross

but imagine how much mony one or two of these ideas would make

and i'd personaly buy the crap calender

bc it really sticks out,and shows creativity

who would've thought bikini models wern't the best thing to be in calenders!

Sep 22, 2007
by Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) (not verified)

It's gross, but almost funny

It's gross, but almost funny in its own way

Mar 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Lamest thing ever!

this is the lamest thing ever!²²²

May 23, 2008
by Anonymous



May 30, 2008
by Anonymous


Do you like poop that much that you make stuff with it. well I have a little gift for you. It's in a very nice plastic bag. but it stinks! But the I heart you one is so cool. Very cool Ideas.
They make me want to lol.

Aug 22, 2008
by Anonymous



Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Google Ad

It's fun to see that google linked an Ad with the face of Obama on this page the 02/19/2008. -_-