Best Poopy Stuff of All Time

10. Pee and Poop Cuddle Toys

I kinow that some days, you just have the strong desire to hug your excrement. Now, you can.

Merchant says: "The cuddly toys Pee&Poo are now available in a duo pack - together for ever. They are made in a cotton plush (80% cotton and 20% polyester) and filled with polyester fibre. Naturally, they are CE approved and are suitable for children of all ages." (buy poop here )

11. Instant Spray On Poop

If you'd rather not have to physically spray your poop around yourself and exert yourself, you can now use this convenient spray poop in a can.

Merchant for this poop says "INSTA-POOP (aka. Turd in a Can!) - Looks soft and real! Just shake the can and press down, out comes crap that looks so real it will make you want to puke." (Poop item no longer available. try this poop instead.)


12. Poop Pen

Your hands probably touch crap all day. Now, everyone can see what you have to deal with on a daily basis. Now, you really have crap on your hands.

Merchant for this poop says: "Doo Doo Doodlers (AKA: #2 pens) - Surely you have. These pens are an excellent choice when writing "Dear John" letters, working on your income taxes, and check writing. Get the relief you deserve, use these to write crappy letters to Congress, or maybe to your ex-spouse!?! " (poop)

* * * * *

Well, if your life wasn't filled with enough poop, I have surely given you some good reasons to go out and get some more, no?

Which is your favorite?

Update: Since many of these poop items are no longer available, I thought I'd share with you my new favorite, the poop filled mug.  

Update: If you like crap, plese enjoy my best article yet - 12 Most Awesome Gifts for the Sex Obsessed Man


Sep 22, 2007
by WebTV (not verified)

Poop Today, Flushed Tomorrow

lol well while we're being juvenile, it's funny to hear all the terms people use to say feces:

feces, fecal, poop, shit, crap, caca, poo poo, poo, turd, clud, krud,

damn I couldn't think of any more..I know there's more..just couldn't  recall anymore

Sep 22, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

doesnt mattter

answer to math problem

Sep 22, 2007
by HELP! (not verified)



Sep 22, 2007
by Eric (not verified)


I wonder how long the product life cycle was for all of these...

Sep 22, 2007
by fire fruit (not verified)

the crap


true is gross

but imagine how much mony one or two of these ideas would make

and i'd personaly buy the crap calender

bc it really sticks out,and shows creativity

who would've thought bikini models wern't the best thing to be in calenders!

Sep 22, 2007
by Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) (not verified)

It's gross, but almost funny

It's gross, but almost funny in its own way

Mar 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Lamest thing ever!

this is the lamest thing ever!²²²

May 23, 2008
by Anonymous



May 30, 2008
by Anonymous


Do you like poop that much that you make stuff with it. well I have a little gift for you. It's in a very nice plastic bag. but it stinks! But the I heart you one is so cool. Very cool Ideas.
They make me want to lol.

Aug 22, 2008
by Anonymous



Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Google Ad

It's fun to see that google linked an Ad with the face of Obama on this page the 02/19/2008. -_-