13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

Have plans for Halloween? Love to be scared, scare someone else or delight in watching others wet themselves in fright?

If so, this is the post for you. Compiled here are the 13 best American haunted houses, and each has its own specialties in gore and fear. These 13 are sure to terrify even the most seasoned haunted house goer. So, if you’ve got a plight for fright, check out one or more of these locations to ensure a positively hair-raising October.

This list is composed of a number of attractions ranging from professional haunted houses to hayrides to a steamboat. Yes, a steamboat. But each one is unique and offers something for anyone who is looking for a good scare. Counting backwards, let's start with number 13.

13. Haunted Overload - Exeter, New Hampshire

The number 13 haunted house is a haunted house that rivals any professional haunted house out there. The elaboration in detail is said to be uncanny and really gives this place a worthy reputation, not to mention the fact that half the proceeds are donated to help the animals of the New Hampshire SPCA. Expect a lot of chainsaws, lots of actors in costumes and fog that makes it virtually impossible to see what's gonna get you next. (Halloween)

12. USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky

Following the story of an ill-fated crew of sailors, this haunted house is set upon a real river steamboat. Every quarter in the ship has its own haunted scene whether you are in the captain's quarters, the mess hall or what appears to be a room full of torture devices. Be prepared for a lot of scary looking baby dolls strewn about the boat as well. Even more frightening than the decorations is the knowledge that once you enter this boat, you've only have two ways out...the entrance plank or the icy ocean. (Halloween)

11. Asylum & Hotel Fear - Las Vegas, Nevada

Next up is a haunted house with an equally odd location: semi-truck trailers. Being that space is scarce and expensive in Las Vegas, the owners of this haunted house resorted to taking old semi-trucks and turning them into haunted houses. An interesting and ingenious use of resources I'd say! There are two different attractions: the Asylum and Hotel Fear. Both of which get the terrifying job done. The main component working well here is the compact space, which makes house goers uneasy and anxious with the knowledge that someone or something may be very, very close. (Halloween)

10. Seven Floors of Hell - Cleveland, Ohio

Coming in at number 10 is the Seven Floors of Hell. The name alone will send shivers up your spine, yeah? The structure is massive and actually includes, as the name suggests, seven different haunted houses. It is said to be the longest linear walkthrough of any haunted house. With a 1 million dollar budget, you can bet this haunted house is going to be fancy. The seven haunted houses have, among others, a haunted cemetery, Cellblock 13 (full of dead inmates), the bloody Butchers Block, and, of course, a haunted circus. So you're pretty much going to get every scary thing ever in this one place. Enjoy! (Halloween)

May 23, 2007
by shutie.... (not verified)



Jun 30, 2007
by Haunter (not verified)

St. Louis!

Wow. I am a pro haunter in LA and I have to say, the stuff they're doing in St. Louis looks second to none (and that's sayin' something, as I've helped design and build some of the biggest haunts in the world, and I own a pretty decent haunt myself). Rock on Scarefest!

Jul 13, 2007
by Nate (not verified)

What about Dead Acres?

It seems Dead acres (Haunted Hoochie) #9 on hauntworlds list, made the list, but then again did not. The picture that you put with Erebus is in fact a picture from the dead acres website www.deadacres.com

I hate to see a picture from one haunt used to promote another. Dead acres name and not just a picture from their haunt should be on a future list. Check them out, wicked scary.

Jul 17, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

wow... you use a picture

wow... you use a picture from the worlds most extreme haunt...dead acres.?Haunted Hoochie....and don't even mention them...and post their piture as a picture for another haunt....be sure to check them out...i have been to erebus and it does kick ass..i have been to haunted hoochie?dead acres...and it kicks more ass...these 2 haunts should top your list next year...but you should probably use erebus pics for them and dead acres pics for them....my @ cents...i am sure it was an honest mistake

Jul 22, 2007
by hell yeah (not verified)

dead acres

hell yeah Dead Acres rocks...and so does inventor spot...i havent been to erebus but we loved Dead Acres or Haunted Hoochie or what ever they call it now..it still kicks a$$

Jul 31, 2007
by hauntfan (not verified)

hell yeah...dead acres

hell yeah...dead acres rocks...i saw that pic on their  myspace...why would you use their picture for another haunted house?  haunted hoochie is the best haunt i have ever been too and i have been to haunted houses all over america...they do bad ass stage shows..where they do realy bad things to people and you can't figure out how they did it..i always go back to dead acres haunted hoochie..to see what they will do next...

Aug 15, 2007
by MrsShockstress (not verified)

Headless Horseman Hayride

Headless Horseman Hayride is by far the scariest Haunted attraction in the nation. It is completley different then any other attraction that I have ever been to.  Not your everyday haunted house. I am glad you put it in your top 5 it should move to number 1 Smile

Aug 15, 2007
by Katy (not verified)


Erebus, was never and will never be scarey. The Realm of Darkness is soooooo much better. Better actors, better house, and all around better scares are to be had there. I love that place, and I go every year. I gave up on Erebus last year when they had the same crap for 3 years in a row.

Aug 21, 2007
by Saturn dash trim (not verified)


that was hair raising facts.

Sep 12, 2007
by Daniel (not verified)

#1 stunk like #2

Nightmares: Face Your Fears was THE WORST haunt I've ever seen, and I speak with authority, since I've been to half on this list, plus close to a hundred other haunts across the states, plus a few in Canada. Granted, I only attended the Manhattan venue, so the rest... who knows. 

I almost feel guilty saying it, because I got love for anyone with a love for haunting. But that place stunk up the joint. 

One thing i give them credit for, caught me off guard... some of their staff act like regular patrons, get pulled into some scenes and killed.

Oh, one last thing... I'm AMAZED they got cleared by the FDNY. Place is a deathtrap waiting to happen.

Sep 15, 2007
by Iamtight (not verified)

DARKNESS rank 3?

ok let me say from experience of attending the darkness 3 years in a row that it does not live the HYPE. frist of all, the animation is garbage do to dumb AI. Second, the actors or terrible. They don't take good actors due to the fact they choose random people from highschool that I went to!!! The actors performances was terrible just for saying boo! wow thats real creepy. The only good thing about the darkness was when you get chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. it was pretty hot. but they removed that from the scare show which was the only thing worth money so darkness is really low rated. Last, the barely change the set up from previous years. They just add like one or two new animations that are really sorry & will only scare children. So yea, use your money wisely if you plan to go to this place that charges 15 dollars!Surprised not worth the money trust me.

Oct 2, 2007
by Blanca (not verified)

Terror Behind the Walls

I went about 4 years ago.  Even though I am very hard to scare because I am stubborn and I know if they touch me I will TOUCH back.  This place was not so bad.  It was a little scary but I think it was just the fact that we were in a prison where I am almost sure that some messed up torture events must have happened back in the day.

Oct 2, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


soo i was reading this list of places and i was like umm ok these places look pretty cool based upon what i'm reading right now...little did i know i was going to stumble on to the #1 scariest place being Nightmare in New York. What a joke!!!...i'm not too easy to scare but i believe i was seriously laughing throughout the entire thing...it was terrible...the best part about the entire thing was the bar with the tv projection playing saw 2 before we went in. it's really not good at all...maybe for little kids...but i believe you have to be 18 to get in i think??? which just sucks for whoever goes in

Oct 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

TError behind walls

I thought that the eastern state penetentiary was pretty good.  But unlike som eidoots that posted i went during the night!!!! Who the hell goes during the day, idiot.  And give the guy who wrote the list a break. 

Oct 8, 2007
by BADASS (not verified)



Oct 8, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


you guys are greatWink

Oct 10, 2007
by Julia (not verified)


hey nathaliaEmbarassedcant wait to go to the haunted house with you :) ♥


luv ya



Oct 11, 2007
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Oct 12, 2007
by Manic (not verified)

You forgot the House of Shock!!

bottom line, New Orleans' House of Shock is the most disturbing haunted house in the country. Bar none.

Oct 12, 2007
by CF (not verified)

same content

A lot of these little bits about the haunted houses are directly copied from the list you wrote last year (don't think we didn't notice). Is it really that hard to write a few sentences about a haunted house? Please, don't insult our intelligence

Oct 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

First off, the number one

First off, the number one haunted house that you have here, Nightmare...I live in NYC and JUST went to this last night and it is the BIGGEST piece of garbage on this earth...They turned off the lights and made you walk in cat litter...no joke...GARBAGE is what this place is....So how am I supposed to take this list seriously if you have THAT as your number 1 choice....why dont you actually visit the places you write about before you post a shitty list like this.

Oct 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

EXACTLY did you notice all

EXACTLY did you notice all the cat litter on the floor...and on the way out, all the cat litter people had to dump out of their shoes...gross...i paid 30 bucks to walk in cat shit

Oct 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


The on in arizona is called Scream Fest, I think thats what your talking about. Maybe.

Oct 16, 2007
by I3AIVIF (not verified)

USS Nightmare

Seeing as how the USS NIghtmare is in Kentucky, you wouldn't actually be jumping in the "icy ocean". You would be jumping in the Ohio river. Read a map. (or just pass the 5th grade)

Oct 16, 2007
by Rhia (not verified)

USS Nightmare

What the hell?
The USS nightmare is the most pansy haunted house EVER.
Anyone who actually GOES there, will know.
I didn't get the least bit scared ONCE.
I brought my 6 year old son with me, and he wasn't even scared!
I was practically laughing and shaking my head throughout the whole thing!
I've seen babies scarier than this!
Worst.. Haunted... House... EVER.
End of story.

Oct 16, 2007
by Kent (not verified)


I agree completely and fully with Rhia.

It seriously blew.
It was a complete waste of money.

Oct 17, 2007
by Ben A rotten (not verified)

Haunted Hoochie

Haunted Hoochie or other wise known as Dead Acres. is the most Bad Ass haunt in America Hands Down..just go there and you will see.or just go to their website and see..no joke..they leave no room for doubt

Oct 18, 2007
by Jamie (not verified)


yeah so i just went to haunted overload the other day and it was amazingly scary. i highly suggest it. Laughing

Oct 21, 2007
by Chelsea (not verified)

Best and Worst

Okay, just lastnight I went to a haunted house called Terror Town in Toledo, Ohio.  Okay, there is three houses you go through, we waited in line for THREE HOURS, just for the first one and the only thing that happened was balls fell on your head.   Literally over in less than a minute.  After the balls fell, they had us walk out and go to the next one.  Then the second house was clowns, and I hate clowns, but I didn't get scared once, it was complete bullshit.  One of the actors freaked out on my friend because he "touched her".  She got him kicked out because his hand accidently touched her and she called him "a fucking piece of shit."  Yeah, so just saying, DONT EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY THERE!  You WILL NOT be impressed.  Oh, and we didn't even bother going in the third house.

Now an awesome haunted house in Broadview Heights, Ohio is called Bloodview.  It's not all technology, there's actual people working who do sick shit, and it's so worth it.  It's absolutely amazing, and it's long so it's not a waste of money or time, everything is absolutely amazing there.  I've gone several times this year, they don't have the same things everynight and they change all their set-ups every year.  I recommend it.

Last note, Chicaggoo!  Haunted house called Dream Reapers, SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF YOUUUU.  Absolutely amazingggggg, highly highly highly recommend :)

Oct 27, 2007
by kitona (not verified)

you inspired me to make my

you inspired me to make my own.But I think you should teach poeple to make ther own hauntedhouse.I need your help!