13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

Have plans for Halloween? Love to be scared, scare someone else or delight in watching others wet themselves in fright?

If so, this is the post for you. Compiled here are the 13 best American haunted houses, and each has its own specialties in gore and fear. These 13 are sure to terrify even the most seasoned haunted house goer. So, if you’ve got a plight for fright, check out one or more of these locations to ensure a positively hair-raising October.

This list is composed of a number of attractions ranging from professional haunted houses to hayrides to a steamboat. Yes, a steamboat. But each one is unique and offers something for anyone who is looking for a good scare. Counting backwards, let's start with number 13.

13. Haunted Overload - Exeter, New Hampshire

The number 13 haunted house is a haunted house that rivals any professional haunted house out there. The elaboration in detail is said to be uncanny and really gives this place a worthy reputation, not to mention the fact that half the proceeds are donated to help the animals of the New Hampshire SPCA. Expect a lot of chainsaws, lots of actors in costumes and fog that makes it virtually impossible to see what's gonna get you next. (Halloween)

12. USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky

Following the story of an ill-fated crew of sailors, this haunted house is set upon a real river steamboat. Every quarter in the ship has its own haunted scene whether you are in the captain's quarters, the mess hall or what appears to be a room full of torture devices. Be prepared for a lot of scary looking baby dolls strewn about the boat as well. Even more frightening than the decorations is the knowledge that once you enter this boat, you've only have two ways out...the entrance plank or the icy ocean. (Halloween)

11. Asylum & Hotel Fear - Las Vegas, Nevada

Next up is a haunted house with an equally odd location: semi-truck trailers. Being that space is scarce and expensive in Las Vegas, the owners of this haunted house resorted to taking old semi-trucks and turning them into haunted houses. An interesting and ingenious use of resources I'd say! There are two different attractions: the Asylum and Hotel Fear. Both of which get the terrifying job done. The main component working well here is the compact space, which makes house goers uneasy and anxious with the knowledge that someone or something may be very, very close. (Halloween)

10. Seven Floors of Hell - Cleveland, Ohio

Coming in at number 10 is the Seven Floors of Hell. The name alone will send shivers up your spine, yeah? The structure is massive and actually includes, as the name suggests, seven different haunted houses. It is said to be the longest linear walkthrough of any haunted house. With a 1 million dollar budget, you can bet this haunted house is going to be fancy. The seven haunted houses have, among others, a haunted cemetery, Cellblock 13 (full of dead inmates), the bloody Butchers Block, and, of course, a haunted circus. So you're pretty much going to get every scary thing ever in this one place. Enjoy! (Halloween)

Nov 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Terror Behind the Walls???

Do you even go to these places? If you do, it would probably be best of you to lie and say that you don't, and that you included this one on the list (at #4, no less!) based on word of mouth. This place was the biggest waste of time (and money) I've had to deal with since my ex-girth friend's abortion (badummp-bsshhh).

Terrible jokes asside, this place really did suck. The lead in has you a little freaked out, watching episodes of 'Fear' and 'Most Haunted' while standing in line. And the atmostphere is pretty cool considering its an abandoned prison and all. But it all goes to sh*t the moment you step inside. Every five seconds you've got some moron in make-up jumping out in front of you, screaming in your face (but no touching, mind you - lol). To be honest, after 10 minutes it wasn't even startling anymore.

To make things worse, whenever we'd get to a cool spot with a creepy view of the structure, I'd get distracted by some loud, obnoxious noise coming from the walls. The place would have been 10 times scarier if they had just left all of that erroneous crap out, and had you walk through the place in complete silence. Who do they think they are kidding?

I heard they place was haunted, and they seriously play that up like that is the main attraction - but they don't even give you the chance to enjoy the creepyness of the prison.

OH yeah, the funniest part of all was when you walk through the exit, out into the courtyard (where they sell funnel cakes and hot dogs, as well as rediculously cheap and tacky souvenires), they've got a DJ dressed in costume, playing Matchbox Twenty and 3rd Eye Blind , while employees dressed in prison guard costumes dance like idiots.

I want my $30 back! I'll take the daytime tour sometime and be way more creeped out.

Dec 21, 2008
by Anonymous

scary stuff

that was so scary i realy did wet my pants.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous



Jan 30, 2009
by Anonymous


that did not make me crap my pants

Jan 30, 2009
by Anonymous


Wow most is not that scary or does not look scary they are just dumb but the fright dome looks pretty scary. I am close to at least 3 of these states so I deff. know ones that are scary and ones that are and one that looks most scary is the fright dome.

Feb 7, 2009
by Anonymous

i love getting piss pants

i love getting piss pants scared...mm feels good :)