13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

3. The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri

Ranked by AOL.com as the #3 scariest place in America, The Darkness pops up on every haunted house list due to its unrivaled scenic design. Every single inch of The Darkness is themed, with 100+ animations, 50 live actors, and over 40 realistic Hollywood quality sets. In order to achieve this high magnitude of reality, they have to spend $150,000 just to renovate from last year. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time screaming in the dark. (Halloween)

2. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia

Netherworld is truly an awe-inspiring haunted house. They deserve particular credit because, though they buy standard animatronics and such, they then take them and re-create and re-invent them to make everything truly unique to their haunted house. They also have arguably the best make-up team in the industry. It would be hard to tell one of their fake dead apart from a real dead person. (Halloween)

1. Nightmare: Face Your Fear - New York, New York

Let me just start out by saying that when I first visited the website for this haunted house, I had to click the "skip intro" icon immediately after it started because the intro was so disturbing...no lie. That should tell you something about the haunted house itself. Nightmare is super successful for two main reasons: 1) It is helmed by two off-Broadway producers who know something about effective theatricality and 2) a promo crew went out and polled thousands of locals about the 13 things that scare them the most. What results is 13 rooms in five haunted houses that are designed to play on and intensify emotions, phobias and anxieties. And, considering there is one available in each borough of New York City, they are out to get everyone. (Halloween)

So here they are. The top 13 haunted houses in the nation. If you live near one and love a good scare, you'd be a fool not to check them out. Even if they are a little out of reach, I'd say they are worth the drive. Good gouling everyone!

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Seth Plattner
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Nov 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Terror Behind the Walls???

Do you even go to these places? If you do, it would probably be best of you to lie and say that you don't, and that you included this one on the list (at #4, no less!) based on word of mouth. This place was the biggest waste of time (and money) I've had to deal with since my ex-girth friend's abortion (badummp-bsshhh).

Terrible jokes asside, this place really did suck. The lead in has you a little freaked out, watching episodes of 'Fear' and 'Most Haunted' while standing in line. And the atmostphere is pretty cool considering its an abandoned prison and all. But it all goes to sh*t the moment you step inside. Every five seconds you've got some moron in make-up jumping out in front of you, screaming in your face (but no touching, mind you - lol). To be honest, after 10 minutes it wasn't even startling anymore.

To make things worse, whenever we'd get to a cool spot with a creepy view of the structure, I'd get distracted by some loud, obnoxious noise coming from the walls. The place would have been 10 times scarier if they had just left all of that erroneous crap out, and had you walk through the place in complete silence. Who do they think they are kidding?

I heard they place was haunted, and they seriously play that up like that is the main attraction - but they don't even give you the chance to enjoy the creepyness of the prison.

OH yeah, the funniest part of all was when you walk through the exit, out into the courtyard (where they sell funnel cakes and hot dogs, as well as rediculously cheap and tacky souvenires), they've got a DJ dressed in costume, playing Matchbox Twenty and 3rd Eye Blind , while employees dressed in prison guard costumes dance like idiots.

I want my $30 back! I'll take the daytime tour sometime and be way more creeped out.

Dec 21, 2008
by Anonymous

scary stuff

that was so scary i realy did wet my pants.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous



Jan 30, 2009
by Anonymous


that did not make me crap my pants

Jan 30, 2009
by Anonymous


Wow most is not that scary or does not look scary they are just dumb but the fright dome looks pretty scary. I am close to at least 3 of these states so I deff. know ones that are scary and ones that are and one that looks most scary is the fright dome.

Feb 7, 2009
by Anonymous

i love getting piss pants

i love getting piss pants scared...mm feels good :)