Live Blog and Show Recaps on American Inventor Show Starting This Wednesday

Hello out there in Inventorland.

As you may or may not know, this week marks the beginning of Season Two of this site's favorite TV show and it's original reason for being: American Inventor.

Starting with the first episode of American Inventor, I will be doing a live blog along with the show, providing my commentary and observations of this years competitors and their respective inventions.

Why spend my Wednesday evening doing this? Well, we are, formerly known as, right? It's sort of inherent we cover it. And who better to blog about TV than the guy who can't get enough of it? Yes, I'm a TV addict; but, more than than that, I am a reality TV addict.

Call it mindless. Call it trash. Call it a waste of time...but you and I both know that when a marathon of America's Next Top Model comes on you're right there on the couch, watching all eight hours of it.

Now, if there's one thing I love more than watching reality TV, it's writing about it, especially life. I've maintained my own blog for years now, and my circle of friends have grown accustomed to my annual live blogs for events such as The Grammy's, The Oscar's and Survivor, so I am pleased to further apply my need to be heard to another show.

Check in weekly for what I have to say, which should be a lot. I'm never shy about dishing it out to all those wonderful reality TV stars who make my life so enriched. It should be an exciting season! Hope to see you reading and joining in with your comments and observations.

See you this Wednesday, June 6, 2007. The show time is at 9 pm on ABC.

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Jun 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Will they disclose that 90% were chosen for wackiness?

The audience will be enthralled that they could come up with  a lot  better ideas than those! But will they be divulged that that is why they are on T.V..? Most of the good inventions were left behind and only a hand full moved on because of merit. Did the judges leave the wrong ones behind like last season? lets hope they were at least 50% correct this year! Has anybody seen one top four from last season on the market? This year it will only be the top three we are to vote on. Thus, giving the producers more contrrl of what they think should win.

Jun 5, 2007
by Anonymous G. Whiz (not verified)

Time for a Name Change?

Based on the commercials I've seen over the past few days for the "American Inventor" show, it looks like it would more appropriately be entitled "The Last Inventor Standing".  It definitely looks even whackier than last year.

Jun 5, 2007
by Seth Plattner

All reasons it's going to be

All reasons it's going to be a great show this year!

Jun 6, 2007
by WadeSun
WadeSun's picture

Disc Eraser - Top 30 inventor from Season 1

Hello, this is Wade from Season 1. Yes, I'll be watching tonight. The wacky commercials that you see may just be a teaser, so let's see tonight. I know ABC originally planned on making Season 2 shows more serious, but the decision to use celebrity judges doesn't seem to reinforce that. Let's see how well George Foreman does his job as a judge - just think of all the "George Foreman Electric Grills" that he has endorsed, hopefully he will have some inclinations towards good inventions/products and not judge them out. I'm glad Doug Hall is out - he was trying to be the 'Simon Cowell' of the show by bashing inventions, even the good ones (including mine)! WinkLastly, my update - I've successfully marketed my Disc Eraser invention and have sold hundreds online at - As a true entrepreneur, you really don't need an invention competition to launch your product, if you know what to do. I've taken my invention further than most of the finalists - they are now lagging and bound by licensing agreements, otherwise their products could have hit the market by now.

Wade Sun, Season 1 - Top 30

Jun 6, 2007
by Tony (not verified)

first episode


1. the show is awful-- clunky, uneven, hokey and...odd.

2. peter-- is wearing some sort of hair weave.

3. george-- he was supposed to be he star and they are making fun of him.  ridiculous.

4. production-- all four judges up on the's TERRIBLE TV.  really.  aanybody who has spent 10 minutes inthe business should know this.

5. Pat??-- what is his story?  and what is the accent?

6. Spanx Lady-- hard to figure.  am sure she's got something on the ball, but looks and sounds sort of horse-y, dont you think?

7.  Therapy Budy redux-- are you kidding me??

Jun 6, 2007


SO.. did everyone like the show?  I cried when GEORGE took the time to walk that little guy off stage.. what a great asset to the show!   I like that they have the JUDGES in big comfy chairs... without the table infront of them.... THAT WAS SCARY and really closed them off when we pitched our ideas.  I made sure to walk right up to that table... however.  I like the set... and seem to be partial to GEORGE and PETER... since PETER was my MENTOR last season.  HE IS REALLY A WONDERFUL MAN... SO WAS SIMON!  A SWEETHEART!

Jun 6, 2007
by mindgammon
mindgammon's picture

Do you think Mindgammon could win American Inventor?

Please check out to see the game and to play the game today. And let me know if you think it is The Boardgame of Champions.

Jun 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

congrats disc...

Hey! Go You!

My brother was a finalist in season 2...was hoping to see him tonite;

but alas...not yet.

Man...some of those things were really whacked!

Glad that you are a 'survior' of the show and doing well for yourself!


Jun 6, 2007
by M.O.M (not verified)

Tonights show

Why in the world did they combine both cities this way????...

It's like the show was produced by a a staff with ADHD. They are jumping around way toooo much.

I am a contestant on this season for S.F. who got yes's but cut before the $$, and had really high hopes that they were gonna step it up this year... but if all they are going to show is the "crazy" folks , I think any marriot the show could possibably recieve as showcasing the next greatest "american invention" is slowing fading with a "she bangs" version of Ricky Martins song on American Idol.  No credibility will equal no viewers pretty quckly....

I hope they can recover by next week, or this show will be lucky to finish the season.....

Come on guys the  Grown up bib??? Go to any crab feed and get them for free...

FWI,  many American's don't celebrate Christmas... (great invention or not) Does that really represent America... not soo much...

I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers for next week.

Jun 12, 2007
by Anonymous A.I. Viewer (not verified)

AmericanJerk's Comment (June 12, 2007 @ 7:16 PM) under

"Season Two American Inventor 2007" Forum Regarding Seth's Live Blog

I watched the show and wasn't under "pressure" to write in a live blog and--even with my undivided attention--I still couldn't tell what some of the "inventions" were supposed to be!

The purpose of a live blog is NOT to strive for complete accuracy in reporting, but--among other things--to report spontaneous reactions and elicit discussion/feedback while the event is taking place.  If a live blogger had to worry about being error-free, unduly criticized for nonharmful blunders, and questioned about his/her ulterior motives (especially when there are none), very few people (probably none rational) would volunteer to be a live blogger.

Assuming that AmericanJerk accurately pointed out an error, I still don't perceive it as worthy of pondering over since the benefits of a live blog (at least to the interested participants) far outweigh any less-than-accurate but harmless statements.

I was quite impressed and amazed not only with Seth's speed, but his thoroughness, particularly when taking into account time constraints (i.e., writing during television commercials).  It is undoubtedly much easier to be a critic of a live blogger than to be a live blogger.  AmericanJerk took almost a week to post his/her comments/criticisms in the forum.  I wonder if that's how much time s/he required to prepare such a thoughtless and inconsiderate posting.

Thanks, Seth--I appreciate what you did and look forward to tomorrow night.  Please don't let an AmericanJerk interfere with what you do or cramp your style!

P.S.  I wote this response pretty fast, so I hope I didn't get any NAMES wrong.

Jun 21, 2007
by Bigtime (not verified)

the little girl with the shoe idea

I think that the judges who voted no, Pat and Peter, might have been a little to hasty with there no's to the little girls music shoe idea. Peter mention that with ipods out now that the shoe wouldn't real do well on the market. In voting no they ruled out a large part of the childrens market. Most children from the ages of 12 and under dont own ipods especially the age group of seven and down. Peter and Pat didnt think of and the little girl didnt pitch the fact that to younger children the shoe could play nusrey rhymes for tolders. THink about "thomas the tank engine" shoes imagine if those shoes sang ive been working on the railroad when you pressed the tounge of the shoe. For a little older age group those same spider man or star war sneakers that are sold at wal-mart and other stores whould sell even faster if the had sound effcts. I dont understand how they voted no when the childrens shoe industry has seen sneakers with whells in the heals. and the ever famous sneakers that light up when you walk. I believe not only was her idea a good one especially in comparrison to most of the adult ideas i think it definitely had selling posibilty if marketed right.