Seth Says: A Better, More Beautiful Way to Online Game

Sometimes you are tired at work (or wherever) and need something of a pick-me-up to go along with that cup of coffee. You think to yourself "I know, I'll jolt my brain with a stimulating game of Collapse or Typer Shark." But sometimes you want the exact opposite, something that will keep your brain active, but on a subdued level. I recently found a website that caters to just such a mood. was designed for the on-line gamer who wants something fun, cute and entertaining but also pleasing to the senses. The games on Orisinal are, in a word, beautiful. Each game--presented as icons on the homepage, no descriptions--are gorgeously designed, yet simple and engaging. The fact that you can navigate to a game without knowing exactly what it is is sort of exciting, just because you don't know what you are going to get.

My first foray into Orisinal was with "A Dog For All Season," and here's the idea: you have three rows of dogs that are constantly running; your job is to make them jump over balls. That's it. Sounds boring, right? I thought so too, but when I started playing I couldn't help but smile. The game just made me...happy. The music is soothing and the idea is so simple it's fun. I played for 20 minutes before I realized I'd been at it so long.

My next game, "Pocket Full of Stars" might be the most adorable thing I've ever seen (I know I know, I'm a sap). You control a little girl who you must make jump in the sky to catch stars. The black background with the soft glowing stars and the cute little girl made me think I was indulging in a virtual bedtime story, one perfect for sending me off into dreams.

There are a number of games, each one worth it in their own rite. It doesn't get any fancier than your mouse and maybe an arrow key, so nothing about these games becomes too taxing, but rather relaxing. You may only be able to escape for 15 minutes or so, but with a Pocket Full of Stars you'll feel a lot better.


Seth Plattner
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