Make Some Noise with a Bicycle Bell

frog bicycle bellfrog bicycle bellIf anyone read my last article, Adorable Animal Backpacks, they probably think that I'm on some kind of animal kick.

I found some adorable bicycle bells. These great bicycle bells are crafted of durable baked enamel. They come in variety of eye-catching designs including: lady bug, bee, pink poppy, frog, dots, rainbow, clown, fish, hearts, flower, pond, and spring.

ladybug bicycle bellladybug bicycle bellI know some of you may think I'm crazy for mentioning this already, but I also know those of you who plan ahead will think that's this a great idea. The holidays are coming upon us and this bicycle bell would make a great inexpensive holiday gift or stocking stuffer. Let's face it, not that many kids (adult or children) could resist a noisy bell. It'll be a big hit. So, as you start shopping for the holidays, make sure to add a cute bicycle bell to your list.

You can see all of these adorable bicycle bells here .