Bidxwet - Bidet Attachment

Introducing to you a patented device called Bidxwet. It is attached to a standard toilet and functions just like a Bidet. For everyone, a home owner, builder, or renter, this bidet attachment offers anyone the convenience and extravagance of having a bidet at a fraction of the cost. Bidxwet provides the ultimate satisfaction of what a bidet ought to be. It offers a simple, efficient and economical approach to personal hygiene. The uncompromising ease of operation, a device that selects and regulates the water temperature and pressure both at the same time.
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 5,960,486

Keywords: Bidet Attachments, bidet,bidey,biday,health,toilets,baths,feminine hygiene,Chronic urinary tract infection,vaginal discharge
Sep 3, 2007
by bottleslingguy
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Have you seen the

Have you seen the "Washlet"? 

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