Looking for a Bike and Stroller Combo - The TrioBike

trioBiketrioBikeTrioBike has come up with a three in one carrier bike. Its a regular bike, a carrier bike and a stroller.

Imagine taking your two kids for a bike ride in bike that has a stroller that attaches to it. After your done with your bike ride (because its pretty exhausting biking up a hill with two kids), you detach the stroller from the bike and then just push the stroller. Or maybe, you'll drop the kids off with your husband and finish that bike ride by your self, so you detach the stroller and continue biking with just the bike. Pretty cool huh? TrioBike thinks so.

Their website states that the trioBike carrier bike, easily and without the use of tools, can be transformed into a bike and a pushchair. It has 5 point safety belts for the children, disc brakes, integrated front- and rear lights, fireproof hood and seats, that also have been tested for heavy metals. Based on their website, when you order one there a bunch of different colors you can choose from for the bike, the carrier, the seats and hood (rain cover).























It seems like an incredible product. If anyone has tried one out, I loved to hear about it. To find out more, check out their website.

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Nov 20, 2006
by Gloria Campos
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I've needed one of these for a while. I' glad to know they make them.
Gloria Campos-Hensley