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Rainwear Goes Geek With Rain Level Boots

It's the season of rain in many parts of the world, and to help prepare an awesome geek you know for the wet weather, there are some great rain boots that would be most appreciated holiday gifts!

10 Eye Catching Contact Lenses To Make You The Life Of The Party

Contact lenses have become a hot accessory on the club scene as more people are choosing to draw attention to themselves by playing a role that doesn't just apply to costumes on Halloween. There are many funky styles of novelty contact lenses that can truly complete an outfit and help club-goers catch the eye of potential mates or prey, depending upon the look they choose!

Lululemon Convertible Hoodie Transforms Into A Pillow!

If you've ever thought that clothing only serves one purpose; wearing it, then you clearly haven't been reading this blog enough. Another great example of a multi-purpose clothing item comes from a major retail brand that has created a functional, convertible style.

3D DIY Cartoon T-Shirts

It would appear as though 3D is all the rage as of recently., and now it's infiltrating fashion trends as well! The latest innovation is a funky idea that kids are sure to fall for. Bet you these will be making an appearance in many stockings this holiday season!

UpdateMe Tee: Become A Walking Facebook Status

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, it seems like everyone is taking the opportunity to annouce what they're doing or how they're feeling by way of a status at every opportunity. You may roll your eyes when you see a pronouncement that one of your friends is changing a diaper or cleaning a toilet, but you know you do it too! Now, you can share your status with others even when they're not logged into Facebook!

8 Killer Heels To Complete Your Halloween Costume Ideas

A pair of killer heels can complete any outfit and this Halloween complete your killer costume with a pair designed to hurt, scare and intrigue. No one will be looking at your costume when you've got a pair of frightening, sky-high stilettos on your feet. Women sacrifice for fashion all the time, for the perfect accessory, a little bit of pain for fashion is worthwhile; but it's hard to say whether it's you that will be hurting with these frightening shoes or another guest at the Halloween party.

DSquared Skeleton Dress: Fashion Morticia Adams Would Die For!

If you're still contemplating what to wear to one of this weekend's Halloween parties, you might consider a fashion creation that is both classy and creepy! Believe me, what you're about to see is a Halloween masterpiece that even Morticia Adams would die for!

Anatomical, Artsy Dresses By Rachel Wright

It much just be that we're feeling a little gorier with Halloween coming up this week, but have you noticed that body parts are in fashion? Last week we saw human anatomy tees, and this week there's something for those who prefer to show off their anatomy in a more feminine way!

Wallets2Wear: Stash Your Cash Fashionably When You Don't Have a Purse Or Pockets!

There's nothing more annoying than hoing for a night out on the town and having no place to put your cash or your door key! Over the years, we've seen many of options that provide women with insconpicuous ways to keep their important items on board that also happen to be fashionable. A new competitor has entered the world of cash toting fashions and their alternative is pretty boho-chic!

Snazzy Napper

You may think that what I'm posting is a gag costume for Halloween, and while I may have planned the timing, believe me, this fashion statement is entirely serious! I know, you don't believe it, but you still won't believe it when you see this thing in public, either!

Animal Collective and Keep Company For Socorro Island Conservation Fund Charity

Many brands have released fashion lines designed to raise money for charity. Keep Company is the latest to get in on the trend, and they've done so in a bit of a different way and produced some of the wildest kicks you're likely to come across this year!

Designs By Katell Gelebert : Fashions From Recycled Food Packaging

Recycled fashions are all the rage, and sometimes designers get a little bit creative in selecting their mediums to create a unique clothing line. A hot new designer has a line that's creatively delicious!

BonBon Lipgloss Subscription For The Balm Addict

Lipgloss is one of those things that many women just can't live without. Makeup bags, purses, and pockets all over the world are filled with fruity, shiny, delicious glosses. For the real addicts, there's a great new cosmetics company that can keep on fueling even the worst lipgloss addiction.

Human Body T-Shirts: Get Your Education On By Wearing Body Parts!

Just in time for Halloween there's a new trend in t-shirts that will truly allow you to get in touch with your inner self; you know, those organs that you just never get to see! Whether you consider this gory or educational, there's no denying that this is pretty cool!

N. Hoolywood Spring 2011 Collection Shows It's Trendy To Be A Criminal

It might be that the jail bird look has become trendy lately due to the high celebrity arrest rate happening in Hollywood, but whatever the reason, criminal styles are popping up on fashion runways lately!

Open-Toed Boots: Chic Or Crazy For Fall?

Over the past few seasons, there have been some interesting shoe trends to hit the runways and the stores. First it was sandals that masquerade themselves as boots, and now for winter, because we didn't get enough of the open-toed shoes during the summer months, there are boots pretending to be sandals.

Artistic Bandaids for Charity: Cynthia Rowley Bandaids For Design Ignites Change

Bandaids have always been a favorite fashion accessory of those in the under 6 age group, but now they're being made more fashionable for adults and the proceeds go to a good cause!

Libre Clothing - Comfort Meets Fashion For Infusion Patients

In the past, we've seen hospital clothing that's focused on providing people in the hospital with their own comfort and style without inhibiting the work that doctors need to do. Infusion patients have not had the same luxury, until now when one company has decided to focus on providing fashion for a different type of hospital visit.

Leggings With No Bottom In Lake And Stars Fall Collection Shows Off Your Best "Assets"

So here's the thing; it's not at all unusual to see fashion designs hit the runways that just will never translate into street-wear. People like to admire the trends that appear in a new collection, but the chances of them buying to wear is extremely slim. If showing off your best "assets" is your thing, you might get a kick out of this new fashion that had its debut on the runways. But there's a good chance that you'll agree this fashion will be reserved for runway wear only.

Bob Basset Leather Transformer Bag: 4-in-1 Convertible Purse!

Women love fashion items that are versatile, but it's rare that a handbag actually fills more than one role. Sure, a hobo bag or another popular style of bag can go from day to night, but you can't make a hobo transform into a clutch. Well, a new bag design actually makes something to that effect happen so you can indluge yourself in one of the most versatile bags out there.